Gift Guide for Foodies – Round 2 plus giveaways

Have a food-lover in your life to shop for? Look no further, here is a great list of (mostly) affordable and fun gifts for the foodie in your life. This foodie gift guide will help you with all of your shopping.

Great Gift Ideas for the Foodie in your life on

It’s hard to make a gift guide with no theme, because the list could be a million items long. It all depends on who you’re shopping for: kids, husband, friends, etc. Since I love food (I bet you would have never guessed!), I decided to go that route, again. I did a Foodie Gift Guide last year, and of course there is some overlap (vanilla and popcorn, duh.) but I tried to pick lots of fun new items this year.

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Le Creuset 8-Piece Ultimate Cookware Set — uhhh…who in their right mind wouldn’t want this?!


Progressive International Ultimate 19-Piece Measuring Cup and Spoon Set — This is a great set because it includes those “odd” measurements such as 3/4 cup and 2/3 cup. It’s a great time saver!


Dreamfarm Scizza Pizza Scissors : I love these scissors — they’ll protect your nonstick pans and cut through hot pizza without a problem. The bottom half also acts as a spatula.


Beanilla Vanilla — the only place to buy vanilla as far as I’m concerned. Beanilla has exceptional customer service and top quality, affordable vanilla beans as well as tons of other great items including extracts and saffron. They also have everything you need to make your homemade vanilla extract. Find a great giveaway from them at the end of this post! (Disclosure: I am in an ongoing paid partnership with Beanilla. All opinions are my own and I buy their stuff more often than I care to admit, with my own money.)


Original Whirley Pop: Fun stove-top popcorn with a great mechanism to keep it from burning. I love my air-popper but the taste of stovetop is so different than air-popped. I love to be able to switch it up and have the flavor of stove-top popcorn occasionally. Scroll down for a Whirley Pop Giveaway! (Disclosure: I was provided a Whirley Pop at no expense but all opinions are my own.)


This oh-so pretty and oh-so girly baking set from Anthropolgie….


And these very sophisticated serving spoons, also from Anthropologie. And while we’re on the topic, pretty much anything from Anthro would be a good bet.


How about a gift card to Door to Door Organics? Can’t beat organic produce showing up at your doorstep once a week! (Anyone want to get this for me? Pretty please?)


Or a super cute Vera Bradley Apron? I have a similar one and it is my favorite.


I’m also obsessed with these Birch Paper Straws — they’d make a great stocking stuffer.


One last fun little thing are these Sphere Ice Molds –how classy are those drinks? Plus there is minimal watering down of your beverage.

Alright — Wanna talk giveaways? These two giveaways are near and dear to my heart because they involve two of my favorite things, POPCORN and VANILLA. You all know I could eat popcorn daily (I pretty much did when I was pregnant), and I love putting vanilla in everything.

Here’s what’s happening:


Prize 1: One (1) winner will receive:

  • Original Whirley Pop
  • Real Movie Theater Style All Inclusive Popping Kits (2)
  • Seasoning Sampler (Movie Theater Style, Zesty Cheddar Cheese, Buttery Jalapeno and Creamy Ranch)


Prize 2: One (1) winner will receive:

Use the widget below to enter once to be eligible to win either prize. If the widget doesn’t immediately show up, follow the link to enter that way. All comments will be moderated in about 24 hours or less. Good luck!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Prices and availability subject to change based on retailer.


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  3. The widget never shows up for me and there is no link to follow to enter either! :(

  4. I definitely intend to register for quite a few of these!! Specifically, that Le Creuset set.

  5. I’d love to win the Whirley Pop set!

  6. I’m most interested in the vanilla beans; I use whole nutmeg, not powdered, and saffron threads, not the powdered kind, so I like to use the original form of ingredients, but somehow I’ve never used the actual vanilla bean.

  7. I would love the girly baking set and vanilla gift!!! I bake all the time so I can bring treats to work for everyone. Showing off that baking set and saying I won the vanilla would be awesome!!

  8. I’m excited for the cookware!!!!!

  9. The LeCreuset set!

  10. Le Creuset 8-Piece Ultimate Cookware Set – Always wanted to own something from them. Maybe it’ll make me a better cook…I can dream!

  11. I love all your selections! You have a very good taste. ;) I’m most interested in the girly baker set. That cupcake pan and rolling pin is the prettiest ones I’ve ever seen.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  12. The Anthropologie bakeware is so pretty. And yes, who wouldn’t want the Le Creusset set?? Great list!

  13. The LeCreuset set.

  14. What a great list of suggestions, but what a thrill to have the Le Creuset! Wow!!

  15. Loving this line up!! Everything sounds so fun…but I would die to have a new cookware set!! Love it!

  16. The Le Creuset set!

  17. I’m in love with the Le Creuset set, but on a smaller scale, I would be very happy with the DreamFarm scissors. I use kitchen shears to cut pizza now, but those scissors would be perfect! I have a set of DreamFarm tongs that have great design features, so I know their scissors would be equally well designed.

  18. I like the apron.

  19. I would love the cookware!

  20. that le creuset cookware set! oh my!

  21. I am loving that ANthro baking set!

  22. the Le Creuset-I’d give them to my daughter :)

  23. Beanilla Vanilla Infusion kit!

  24. Vera Bradley apron

  25. The Vera Bradley apron… for each of my new daughter in laws. I think you helped me out with Christmas shopping :)

  26. I have the progressive measuring cup and spoon set (mine is red, white, and gray) and I kind of want a second…..I see those pretty colors and REALLY want a second.

    Also, anything from Anthropologie is awesome.

  27. I love the Whirley Pop!

  28. The Le Cruset set of course

  29. I think the popcorn sets looks like fun!

  30. I’d be happy being told I won – even if I didn’t! LOL

    That said – our family would love either prize.

    Thanks for the opportunity Rachel and our family wishes you a very Happy Thanksgiving filled with an amazing feast!

  31. I’d love the Le Creuset cook set!

  32. The Le Creuset set would be a nice Christmas present.

  33. Door to door organics for sure! :)

  34. I’m most interested in the vanilla beanilla!

  35. All of those gifts look lovely, but I’d be most excited to get the Le Creuset set!

  36. That Le Creuset set looks awesome.

  37. The Le Creuset stuff definitely. I was just thinking today about how I needed one of those pans!

  38. Le Crueset baking set

  39. I would like the 19 piece measuring cups and spoons. Always willing to let someone else do the math.

  40. Would love the Le Creuset set!

  41. I love all things vanilla!

  42. The Le Creuset cookware set is awesome.

  43. I love the Le Creuset!

  44. Love the baking set, darling! And the measuring cup.

  45. popcorn maker

  46. I’ve always wanted a set of Le Creuset!

  47. Wow…some great gift ideas for foodies! I love the Whirley pop. I had one years ago but it broke and I really miss it! Now we eat burned popcorn…lol. :)

  48. The popcorn popper caught my eye! Our electric one broke a few months ago and we’ve been popping corn in a kettle on the stove–which almost always burns. My husband has been wanting to try one of the Whirleys!

  49. The Le Creuset 8-Piece Ultimate Cookware Set for me,*sigh* :)

  50. Love the measuring cup set. The ice cubes are cool too.

  51. I love the pizza scissors! We eat pizza all the time- mostly homemade- so this would be a huge help!

  52. I am most interested in the vanilla. I don’t care for vanilla you buy at regular stores but I love vanilla so I would be curious to try this.

  53. I love the measuring set and the le Creueset cookware! I love mine, but those just look luxurious compared to my beat up pots and pans and measuring sets.

  54. That 8 pc cook wear set from Le Creuset I would get the most use out of FOR SURE!!

  55. Le Crueset! Can’t say it but sure could use it!!!

  56. The door to door organics look awesome!!

  57. Le Creuset or the gift card…or actually, just anything of the list!! It’s a great one!

  58. Dreamfarm Scizza Pizza Scissors have been added to my Christmas wishlist. I have a pair of kitchen shears that I use for pizza but these are fantastic– I had no idea they existed!

  59. The whirly pop, it looks like it would be fun to use, especially for teen get togethers.

  60. Vera Bradley Apron, is my favorite!!

  61. Oh my- the apron is great & I love those birch paper straws.

  62. I would love to own the le creuset. also the beanill vanilla

  63. The pizza scissors

  64. I go to the movies alot, so I’m addicted to popcorn. I would love to try the Whirly Pop. Thank you so much for offering this.

  65. I would seriously love anything on this list, but I’m oddly drawn to the Whirly Pop. I’ve always wanted one and it’s something I would never buy myself!

  66. I am most excited about the Dreamfarm Scizza Pizza Scissors we have broken SOO many pizza cutters already

  67. What a great guide! Who wouldn’t want to receive any one of those gifts? And thanks for doing the giveaway, I recently made Homemade Vanilla Extract, so I’d love the pop prize pack if I won…which would be awesome!

  68. I would love to try the Original Whirley Pop! What fun for the family!!

  69. I forgot to tell I’d love the Le Creuset 8-Piece Ultimate Cookware Set in my kitchen, too! Got side-tracked. You are a doll.

  70. Love this post, Rachel! Such a neat list of your favorites. And your giveaway selections are ideal, as well. Thanks so much!! Have a fantastic Thanksgiving.

  71. The Le Creuset set would go quite nicely in my kitchen!

  72. I love this Rachel!! Especially the Le Creuset 8-Piece Ultimate Cookware Set….I would die if I had that.

  73. I’ve been dying for Le Creuset cookware!

  74. The original Whirley Pop- love to make that much popcorn with very little oil.

  75. Beanilla Vanilla Infusion kit looks neat

  76. I believe that popcorn is a food group. I would love to own the orginal Whirly pop.

  77. I have been wanting to try Beanilla for a long time!

  78. I’m most interested in the Door to Door Organics gift card! The way we go through produce at my house, and the fact that I’d rather buy organic, really makes that a WANT!

  79. Beanilla vanilla – there is nothing like quality vanilla to elevate a recipe to a higher level of taste!

  80. Id LOVE the Beanilla package!

  81. The original Whirly pop

  82. The door to door organics for sure! A fabulous gift!!

  83. Popcorn maker of course!

  84. I would love to try the whirley pop pan. I also love popcorn! I just started making it with coconut oil-YUMM!

  85. That Original Whirley Pop looks like fun!

  86. le creuset

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