Pumpkin Pie Muddy Buddies – super simple to prepare and would be great for a last minute party or guests dropping by. 

Pumpkin Pie Muddy Buddies from RachelCooks.com

These awesome Pumpkin Pie Muddy Buddies are similar to puppy chow but take on a seasonal twist thanks to pumpkin pie spice and Biscoff spread. The Biscoff alone gives so much great flavor but the pumpkin pie spice really drives that fall flavor home. I know you all need something to snack on while you’re making that big Thanksgiving dinner — this is just the thing. It would be perfect as a special treat in lunch boxes, too. 


Best part is that you they’re SO easy to make. So, so, so easy! While you’re melting white chocolate and Biscoff in the microwave, you throw some powdered sugar into a zip-top bag. Once the white chocolate is melted, you’ll stir in the pumpkin pie spice. Stir in Chex cereal until it’s all good and coated in white chocolate. The last thing left to do is pour that coated cereal into the zip-top bag with the powdered sugar. Shake, shake, shake….eat, eat, eat.

Try and resist this stuff. Just try.

You’ll find my Pumpkin Pie Muddy Buddies recipe on Food Fanatic or right here on Rachel Cooks!

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