It’s been too long.

Who here thinks I haven’t been posting enough photos of my kids? Well, I’m raising my hand high. Lately I’ve been taking more photos of food than I have been of my kids. I’m pretty sure when I look back at this blog I’m not going to think to myself, “Man, I wish I had posted a cookie recipe instead of writing about my kids.” Yeah, that isn’t going to happen. These are mostly of E. Partly because she just had a purple birthday party (how is she already three?!) and partly because N is always on the go and hard to catch for a photo.

e blog 1

e blog 4

n blog 1

e blog 5

e n blog 1

e blog 2

e blog 3

n blog 2

e n blog 2

e n blog 3

e n blog 4


PS: On another personal note, I was thisclose to shelling out some major bucks for a complete redesign of my site. I hope you guys aren’t bored with my current design, because it isn’t going to change any time soon. I put on my big girl pants and realized that the money should be saved for a new car and a down payment on a new house. But hopefully the content here is what keeps you coming back, not the actual design. Thanks for reading either way….and if anyone wants to donate to a design fund, I’d be happy to give out my PO Box or my paypal address.

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  1. I’ll never turn down more kid pics!!…esp when they are as model-adorable as yours! :)

  2. Your kids are seriously too cute! And I am all of the time having to remember to take more pics of my kids. Although I do think that food is sometimes easier to take pictures of!

    And I think your design is great. No need to change! :)

  3. Your kids are adorable! E looks so much like you :) I love your site-nice and clean. No need for a redisgn in my eyes!

  4. Holy cow, you’re kids are soooo adorable! E looks like she’s a total ham, and totally in love with her brother. So sweet!

    Also, I think your blog is awesome and filled with killer recipes and photos….don’t sweat the redesign! Honestly, I did a redesign last year, and while I’m thrilled to be off Blogger & on WP now, in hindsight I wish I waited until I could have put more money into it bc there are a lot of things I would have done differently.

  5. Such great pictures! What a beautiful family you have and I’m not bored with your site. I love it.

  6. Gorgeous family, cute kids and your blog is just fine the way it is. It’s your brand. :)

  7. Beautiful family! Food is nice, but family is where it is at!

  8. Ridiculously cute! Loved when you posted that one of E in her purple tutu. Happiest girl. Ever. <3 And there's nothing wrong with your design. Just keep swimming!

  9. Awwww! Look at those cuties!! Love that first shot…your daughter could be a little model with those beautiful curls!

  10. I’m so glad you posted pictures of your beautiful babies. They are so so cute. Your sweet girl looks like she loves the camera and LOVE her cute expressions.

  11. You have such a beautiful family. The kids are getting so big! Don’t worry about your site design. I think it looks great :)

  12. Your children are absolutely adorable and happy I could see them. I live in Midland since my husband died but thankfully I have Ben & Brenna just a few minutes away. You have a wonderful site so don’t worry about new designs. Good luck in your future endeavors.

  13. What a beautiful family you have. So nice to see some behind the scenes peeks. As for the web site there is no need to spend money on it when there is nothing wrong with the current one, family needs/wants should always come first.

  14. You’re kids are absolutely beautiful, and so so precious! You’re daughter is going to be a heartbreaker…(so will your son!) They’re so cute..I just want to squeeze them! (In the most loving way possible!!)
    I’ve been taking more and more pics of my kids too…because you’re right, down the road, THAT’S what is going to matter! :) Love these posts!
    Also, love your current design and all your content! No need to shell out for a few design! Family first! :)

  15. Boy…….talk about cutie-patooties!!!
    Enjoy every second you can with the little ones, time flies by waaaay too fast!!!
    I, for one, always enjoy getting a peek into bloggers lives.
    I know you are ‘real’ but seeing family photos always reminds me that it’s not just a computer sending me recipes…..know what I mean? It’s a tiny bit more personal, THANK YOU for sharing with us!! :-D
    Also, your layout is okey-dokey with me!

  16. 1-omg so cute I could die!
    2-I think your site looks great as it is, no need to spend unnecessary money ;P

  17. I like it when a food blogger shares a “peek” into their real life. Your kids are beautiful and you’re a good momma!

    I love your site layout btw!

  18. What precious children. You are fortunate to be here, at this time in your life – that is what I believe. Those were happy days, when my daughters were young. However, now they are adults and my best friends and life is still wonderful.

    My amazing mother used to tell me to “bottle” the minutes, the memories, of all the good days when my children were young. I did. I bottled so many minutes, so many days and so many memories that I have a store of constant happiness for those sleepless nights. Rachel, have fun with your precious babies…

  19. I love seeing pictures of your kids. E is such a beauty!

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