Today is officially the last day of homemade baby food week! I hope you gained some knowledge or was able to pass it on to someone who could benefit from it. I had so much fun telling you about my process but I’m excited to get back to adult food. And get back to not posting every day. Phew! That’s exhausting. Thankfully my husband is a high school assistant principal who has time off during the summer. I couldn’t have blogged every day if not for his help.

To close, I want to do a summary and some tips…and some confessions. Oh and I’m giving away a Blendtec blender. YAY!

Homemade Baby Food: Summary and Blendtec Giveaway |


  • What we covered: VegetablesFruitProteinBaby Led Weaning Overview, and Feeding Your Toddler. Click any of those links to learn more about each topic.
  • Why make your own baby food? We discussed reasons of: saving money, controlling the quality, introducing variety, using fresh products, and adding flavor.
  • When? 4-6 months of age. Ask your pediatrician! I started both of my kids at six months of age.
  • PS: You still have a little time to enter to win a great OXO Tot Prize package!


  • Don’t stress yourself out. This is really pretty easy. Cook food, purée food, freeze food, thaw food, feed baby. Repeat. Over and over and over and over again.
  • Do just a few foods if you don’t have time to prepare ALL homemade baby food. It will save you some money.
  • Take a day to knock out 4 or 5 purées and get them int he freezer.
  • Organic? Local? Frozen veggies? It’s all up to you. Do what feels right to you.
  • Have FUN. And take photos of your baby with carrots all over his/her face.


  • I don’t do 100% homemade. Sometimes it’s easier to just grab a jar and throw it in the diaper bag, ya know? When we’re traveling, I almost always fall back on the pre-made stuff.
  • I use store-bought rice cereal. Yep. I do. I like that it’s fortified with iron. I like that if my baby food is runny, the rice cereal thickens it right up for me. I like that I don’t have to grind rice and cook it every day. I have to cut corners here and there or I’ll never survive.
  • I’m not perfect, and you don’t have to be either. You can do some homemade, some store-bought…your baby is going to be just fine no matter what.

Now, should we talk about this awesome giveaway?!


Giveaway Details:

One (1) winner will receive the Blendtec Total Blender Classic Wildside (a value of over $450.00!). I’m a little bit obsessed with this blender. Not only t GREAT for baby food (super smooth purees!) but it is also fantastic for SO many other things. I made graham cracker crumbs with it, a milkshake, smoothies, and so much more! It can even make soup and hummus. You’ll find yourself using this blender every. single. day. so don’t even think about taking it off of your counter-top. It is powerful, easy to clean and sturdy on your counter.

It also keeps track of how many things you’ve made in it which I think is such a fun feature.

Use the widget below to enter the giveaway. It make take a second to appear. Any comments left on Rachel Cooks will be moderated within 24 hours. If the widget does not appear, you can follow the link to enter. Good luck!


Win a Blendtec Blender!

Disclaimer: I am not a pediatrician nor a dietitian. Check with your doctor before introducing solids and definitely use this only as a rough guideline. Always trust your gut and do your research.