Homemade Baby Food: Summary and Blendtec Giveaway

Today is officially the last day of homemade baby food week! I hope you gained some knowledge or was able to pass it on to someone who could benefit from it. I had so much fun telling you about my process but I’m excited to get back to adult food. And get back to not posting every day. Phew! That’s exhausting. Thankfully my husband is a high school assistant principal who has time off during the summer. I couldn’t have blogged every day if not for his help.

To close, I want to do a summary and some tips…and some confessions. Oh and I’m giving away a Blendtec blender. YAY!

Homemade Baby Food: Summary and Blendtec Giveaway | RachelCooks.com


  • What we covered: VegetablesFruitProteinBaby Led Weaning Overview, and Feeding Your Toddler. Click any of those links to learn more about each topic.
  • Why make your own baby food? We discussed reasons of: saving money, controlling the quality, introducing variety, using fresh products, and adding flavor.
  • When? 4-6 months of age. Ask your pediatrician! I started both of my kids at six months of age.
  • PS: You still have a little time to enter to win a great OXO Tot Prize package!


  • Don’t stress yourself out. This is really pretty easy. Cook food, purée food, freeze food, thaw food, feed baby. Repeat. Over and over and over and over again.
  • Do just a few foods if you don’t have time to prepare ALL homemade baby food. It will save you some money.
  • Take a day to knock out 4 or 5 purées and get them int he freezer.
  • Organic? Local? Frozen veggies? It’s all up to you. Do what feels right to you.
  • Have FUN. And take photos of your baby with carrots all over his/her face.


  • I don’t do 100% homemade. Sometimes it’s easier to just grab a jar and throw it in the diaper bag, ya know? When we’re traveling, I almost always fall back on the pre-made stuff.
  • I use store-bought rice cereal. Yep. I do. I like that it’s fortified with iron. I like that if my baby food is runny, the rice cereal thickens it right up for me. I like that I don’t have to grind rice and cook it every day. I have to cut corners here and there or I’ll never survive.
  • I’m not perfect, and you don’t have to be either. You can do some homemade, some store-bought…your baby is going to be just fine no matter what.

Now, should we talk about this awesome giveaway?!


Giveaway Details:

One (1) winner will receive the Blendtec Total Blender Classic Wildside (a value of over $450.00!). I’m a little bit obsessed with this blender. Not only t GREAT for baby food (super smooth purees!) but it is also fantastic for SO many other things. I made graham cracker crumbs with it, a milkshake, smoothies, and so much more! It can even make soup and hummus. You’ll find yourself using this blender every. single. day. so don’t even think about taking it off of your counter-top. It is powerful, easy to clean and sturdy on your counter.

It also keeps track of how many things you’ve made in it which I think is such a fun feature.

Use the widget below to enter the giveaway. It make take a second to appear. Any comments left on Rachel Cooks will be moderated within 24 hours. If the widget does not appear, you can follow the link to enter. Good luck!


Win a Blendtec Blender!

Disclaimer: I am not a pediatrician nor a dietitian. Check with your doctor before introducing solids and definitely use this only as a rough guideline. Always trust your gut and do your research.

When you make a recipe from my site tag it with #RachelCooks!
I love to see what you're creating!


  1. I love smoothies so I would make a Strawberry, Banana & Yogurt Smoothie if I won the Blendtec Blender.

  2. The possibilities are endless! Usually we make smoothies, with fresh fruit and protein. But we have made, almond butter, peanut butter, almond meal, rice flour, etc.

  3. I’d like to tell you the first thing I’d make would be a smoothie. But I’m pretty sure the first thing would be a MILKSHAKE, lol

  4. I would make my famous chocolate milkshake for my kids.

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

  5. My spicy salsa.

  6. strawberry banana smoothies!

  7. I would like to make my first super smoothie recipe! With coconut milk, coconut milk yogurt, coconut oil, frozen blueberries, spinach leaves, kale, acai, a small orange, and some protein powder :))

  8. I’d love to make a nice, cold caramel frappe!

  9. I would make chocolate, peanut butter, banana smoothies.

  10. I would make something cold… to beat the never ending heat here in Arizona. Thanks for this opportunity!

  11. I would make a fruit smoothie

  12. I would make a smoothie, or almond nut butter! :)

  13. Baby food since my second son is now ready to eat solids.

  14. The first thing I would make is baby food. This is what brought me to your site.

  15. The first thing I would make is a coconut smoothie or a vegetable puree.

  16. My baby boy is 5 months, I quite my teaching job to stay home with him….I am gearing up to give him solids – I would make all his food in it!

  17. I’d start with a chocolate shake.

  18. I would make a peanut butter mocha milkshake

  19. I’d go for the best vanilla milkshake I can dream of. Yummy.

  20. Breakfast Smoothies would be the first thing I’d make (first meal of the day)!

  21. Baby is still 4 weeks away so in the mean time I would make hummus..or milk shakes!

  22. I’d make a Hot Pink Breakfast Smoothie!

  23. I would make green smoothies!

  24. I would definitely try my hand at making homemade hummus first.

  25. A chocolate milkshake! Yum.

  26. I would like to be virtuous and say I’d make a smoothie … but really it would be the kind of smoothie that has ice cream in it.

  27. Breakfast smoothie!

  28. Would make homemade marinara sauce first!

  29. I would make a frozen coffee drink

  30. I would make a green smoothie with kale !

  31. Oh, green smoothie… I miss you! Blendtec rescue me!

  32. OK, I know this will sound strange, but I can’t wait to CRUSH ICE with it! I want to make my own Frappucino’s. I’m SO tired of spending $6 for them!

  33. Margaritas! (I know I know)…

  34. I would make a kale-banana-berry-pineapple-coconut milk smoothie!

  35. Almond milk!

  36. I would make a chocolate shake!

  37. homemade baby food for a mom of two babies(ages 4 & 2) ready to have her third.

  38. I would make ice cream!

  39. Your chocolate chip cookie milkshake!! YUM

  40. I would make a green smoothie!

  41. Tomato soup! \o/

  42. I would make baby food for my grandson.

  43. I’d make pesto!

  44. I’d make a huckleberry smoothie

  45. I would make soo many smoothies!

  46. I’d probably make a giant green smoothie!

  47. Strawberry, banana smoothies!

  48. Peanut Butter Banana Milkshake!

  49. I would probably make a chocolate milkshake…maybe with some peanut butter!

  50. I would make margaritas. ;-)

  51. I would make smoothies and baby food!

  52. Hmmmmmmmmmmm probably butternut squash soup!!!!

  53. I’d make a green smoothie with a little frozen banana or cooked sweet potato for thickener. Mmmmm!

  54. I’d make a beet, cilantro, ginger smoothie

  55. I would make a morning fruit smoothie for my little guy!

  56. I’d make a mixed berry smoothie!

  57. I have a whole list of smoothies I want to make. The first one being with in season peaches.

  58. I would LOVE to make a chocolate banana milkshake!

  59. I’d make hummus or pesto (minus the nuts due to food allergies) and then I’d try out the rest of my new recipes!

  60. I would make rice milk daily and save money! I would also love to make yummy smoothies with the whole fruit for my food allergic child.

  61. Green smoothies!

  62. I would make healthy green smoothies!

  63. I would probably start out with my breakfast smoothie, but I do want to try out making my own baby food for our 5 month old.

  64. I would make homemade almond milk.

  65. I would make lots of smoothies and margaritas!

  66. My husband and I just started making green smoothies everyday and this would be awesome.

  67. Since I’m trying to end the summer being good, I’d make my favorite mango-spinach smoothie. Certainly not an Oreo milkshake….

  68. may be a strawberry daiquiri

  69. I would first make a celebratory milkshake!!

  70. First, I’d totally make a green berry smoothie! But with another baby on the way, I’ll be back in the baby food business before I know it. Thanks so much for the series and for letting us know that nobody is perfect and not to stress out, too. :)

  71. My blender just died so this would be so great to win. The first thing I would make is a smoothy from all the great berries I have been picking.

  72. green smoothie……peanut butter, spinach, banana

  73. Great blender !! I would make my famous breakfast protein shake ! Thanks !

  74. I have a 3 month old and we neeeeeed a blender for when I start making her foods and just can’t afford one as nice as a Blendtec. I would definitely make her some yummy puréed foods in this bad boy!

  75. I would love to make a green smoothie first! I would use spinach, banana, mango, and peaches!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  76. Oh my, I wouldn’t know where to start. Our appliances are 13+ years old & showing their age. My daughter is gluten, dairy, & egg intolerant so I’m sure we’d go crazy making all the vegan desserts we can’t do with our current blender. Thanks!!!

  77. I would make smoothies with this awesome Blendtec. Thank you for such a great giveaway.

  78. I would make some almond butter! Or any nut butter :)

  79. I would make ALL THE SMOOTHIES! And then some great dippity dips for snackity snackin’

  80. I would use the blender to make a green smoothie! I’ve been trying to eat more healthy foods and I’ve heard green smoothies are awesome :)

  81. This blender looks amazing!! Would love to try homemade hummus & of course smoothies!!!

  82. Smoothies!!

  83. I would make my breakfast smoothies (without chunks). :)

  84. I would make a vanilla milkshake.

  85. I would probably make some fresh salsa. I’m pregnant and craving everything tomato!

  86. I’d make salsa.

  87. I would make pecan butter and almond milk.

  88. smoothies!

  89. My family loves smoothies, so that’s what I’d make first. Our regular blender doesn’t grind up frozen fruit very well!

  90. It keeps track of how many things you made in it?? How cool!

    I’m don’t have kids yet, but I’ve always dreamed about making my own baby food when I do!

  91. Id love to make some fresh pesto. Or baby food for my baby!!

  92. I would love to make a Mango Protein Smoothie.

  93. Fruit smoothie! May be for me since LO isn’t here yet!

  94. I can’t wait to use this to make green smoothies!

  95. What a great giveaway! One of the first things I would make would be a green smoothie…they’re so yummy!

  96. I would definitely make my kids’ favorite smoothie! My old blender broke down when I made smoothies for the kids last time. So, it’ll be wonderful to have this super machines in my kitchen! Thanks for hosting the giveaway! Can’t wait.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  97. Definitely a green smoothie!

  98. Orange Julius- perfect way to cool off this summer!

  99. I would make smoothies for breakfast.

  100. I would make smoothies.

  101. I want to try making some mayonnaise!

  102. i’d make a strawberry banana smoothie!

  103. I’d whip up a breakfast smoothie– it takes like 15 minutes in the crappy blender I have now!

  104. I would make milkshakes!

  105. I’d make mango chutney!

  106. Green monster smoothie!

  107. Since blenders typically hate me, I usually end up using my food processor. If I won this amazing blender, I’d like to try making a green smoothie.

  108. That’s easy…I’d make smoothies for everyone!!!

  109. chocolate milkshake

  110. Smoothies, lots of smoothies

  111. I’d start with something simple like a smoothie. :)

  112. I would make a chocolate milkshake first thing!

  113. I think I would have to start out with something simple, like a smoothie, but there are SO many things that I would love to make using this blender!! Thank you!!

  114. I would try a green smoothie. I would love to have one that is really smooth and not chunky. Thank you! :D

  115. I make a chocolate shake

  116. I would make a smoothie!

  117. a protein shake

  118. I would make a green smoothie!

  119. Pesto!

  120. I would make broccoli cheese soup.

  121. More of the yummy & super healthy smoothies my niece has turned me onto!

  122. I would make a gatspacho.

  123. almond flour & butter

  124. I would make a smoothie!

  125. I’d make my own coconut butter (manna)! Paying 13 dollars for a 16 oz jar is not my style.

  126. I would make almond butter

  127. The first thing I’d make are vegan date balls!

  128. well, I am starting a new diet and this would help blend the smoothies that I need to drink-a whole lot better (than what I have). plus it will help my hubby eat the veggies if they are blended up.

  129. I would make a roasted red pepper sauce.

  130. Milkshakes are the first thing I would make with this blender if I win.

  131. I would make pesto! Mmmm!

  132. Since I have no babies or children at home……. I would make a margarita

  133. I think a green smoothie with spinach and stuff that I can’t make in my regular blender

  134. If I won this I would make a margarita to celebrate!

  135. I would love to make some nice Green Power smoothies (with fresh greens from my garden) to help with my MS. I have several recipes but no decent blender or juicer.

  136. I’d make a green smoothie.

  137. I would make a fruit smoothie

  138. I would make fresh tomato soup!

  139. I would make smoothies in this blender. My current blender has to work way too hard just to blend ice cubes.

  140. I could make pureed carrots for my new granddaughter.

  141. I think I’d make some homemade peanut butter and some green smoothies :)

  142. I would make blueberry smoothie first

  143. I’d make green monster smoothies!!

  144. I would make a fruit shake for my grandson.

  145. I’d make milkshakes and pesto first thing!

  146. My son loves avocados, so maybe some guacamole!

  147. i would make a strawberry shake with fresh strawberries…yummy

  148. I would make pesto sauce

  149. Oh some sort of fruity blended drink for sure.

  150. Roasted butternut squash soup. Yum!

  151. I would make an adult cocktail as my first thing. Something icy and fruity

  152. I would make some milkshakes! Yum! Thank you.

  153. I would love to make a wild berry banana smoothie!

  154. I would love to make a wild berry banana smoothie!

  155. Smoothie. Or maybe a pureed soup.

  156. I would make smoothies!

  157. I LOVED this series! Thank you! I sometimes struggle with ideas for different combinations…I wanna expand his palate, ya know? :) Love the tips about toddlers from Liz too, so helpful! It has already started a diet overhaul on my two year old. Thank you so much for the push! :) What Id make first? Probably honestly a smoothie, because I know that I make a couple of those every.single.day!

  158. I think I’d make margaritas to celebrate the last month of summer!

  159. I think I’d have to make margaritas to celebrate the last month of summer!

  160. I would definitely start with a smoothie. This blender should be able to handle whole coconuts if given the chance :)

  161. I would make a milkshake.

  162. I would do perfect smoothies eeeevery day!

  163. The first thing I’d use the Blendtec for would be an ice cream mixture. I’ve been wanting to make blueberry ice cream, and it would be a snap to whip up the base in a Blendtec.

  164. I’d start off with some nut butters and hummus. Everyone in the house loves hummus but I have never made it myself. It sounds fairly easy with the right “tools”.

  165. I’d make a milkshake!

  166. I would make chocolate banana strawberry smoothies for my kids.

  167. Pesto! Basil is taking over

  168. Pesto. My herbs are calling to be used.

  169. I would make some Pesto using my fresh Herb garden.

  170. I’ve been on a smoothie kick lately, so definitely a smoothie. Or purée something for my baby. O make pesto. I’d be busy! :)

  171. I’ve had my eye on a Blendtec for quite some time now!! It would make my morning smoothie ritual a breeze!!

  172. Hi I would love to win a blendtec blender! I have heard so many great things about it! I would make purees!

  173. I would make smoothies. We’ve really been trying to eat healthier and my current cheap-o blender has a hard time making smoothies. They should be called chunkies! They’re still tasty, but a better texture would be wonderful!

  174. I would make a strawberry and banana smoothie

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