You may have heard me talking about this on Facebook or Twitter already, but my good friend Heather of Farmgirl Gourmet is onto something good here. She joined up with an online spice company called Savorx Spice & Flavor Co. to create this beautiful Spiceologist Block™. As if a knife block and a spice rack had a baby! If you follow that link, there is a great video that Heather stars in telling you all about this amazing product that is handcrafted out of solid wood. How gorgeous would this look on your counter? And you’d never be digging through a messy cabinet for spices again.

Spiceologist Block

They are over halfway done with their Kickstarter project to raise money for the Spiceologist Block™. They need your help!!

So here is the deal.

  • If you can pledge $259 dollars or more on the Kickstarter, please do! If their project is funded, a beautiful spice block is yours, complete with glass tubes and spices. If the project funds, estimated ship date is November. Just in time for Christmas!
  • Can’t commit to that much? No biggie! Pledge as little as $5 and be part of history. I’m so confident in this project. I just know Heather and her business partner Pete will get this funded. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of that?
  • Each level of funding has an incentive. If (when!) the project is fully funded, you’ll receive that incentive.
  • Can’t commit $5? No biggie, again! I totally understand, and I know Heather does too. Consider sharing this Kickstarter with your friends and family via email, facebook or Twitter. Here are a few tweets you could use to make things super simple for you!
      • Tired of searching for spices? Keep them at hand with our handcrafted Spiceologist Block™ by @FarmgirlGourmet @savorx
      • Why hide your gorgeously aromatic spices in a dingy cabinet? Show them off by supporting @FarmgirlGourmet and @savorx
      • Keep your spices organized and readily accesible by supporting @FarmgirlGourmet and @savorx in their @Kickstarter!
      • Food blogger @FarmgirlGourmet joins forces with @Savorx to create the ultimate spice holder! See their @kickstarter
      • How old is that bottle of cumin in your cabinet? Refresh your spices! Support @FarmgirlGourmet in her @kickstarter
      • Made of European Beech Wood, these spice sets will become an heirloom in your family! Support @FarmgirlGourmet here
      • This is what it would look like if your knife block & spice rack had a baby


The kickstarter runs through August 11th so make sure to take action today!

Heather and Savorx are going to be completely famous because of their Spiceologist Blocks. Wouldn’t you like to be part of that success?


Disclosure: All photos from the Spiceologist Block Kickstarter project. I was not reimbursed to write this post. All opinions are, as always, my own.