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I use a lot of spreadsheets. Everyone knows that. But I also love a pen-and-paper to-do list. People have told me, “I wish I was organized like you.”

Well, I wish I was creative like you.

But–I’d love to share the organizational wealth so I made these free printables for your blog. Throw them in a binder and you have an instant blog binder for organization. Start blogging the organized way! Some of the pages might be more suited for a newer blog and some, for a more established blog. I prefer an spreadsheet for expenses and income, but this would be great to jot some things down until you have a chance to enter them more formally into a spreadsheet on the computer.

blog binder printables |

Included in this PDF are:

  • cover page
  • list for blog post ideas
  • freelance to-do list
  • blog to-do list
  • blog post promotion checklist
  • list for a recipe bucket list
  • list for blog goals
  • blog stats: social media
  • blog stats: traffic
  • blog stats: rankings
  • blog income
  • blog expenses

Throw a calendar in there where you can plan out your posting schedule and you’ll be good to go.


Just like that! Easy as pie.

Click here to get the free blog printables!

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