I’ve made some changes (mostly behind the scenes) around here lately! I’ve moved to a new host — so hopefully you have noticed an increase in speed when my posts and pages are loading.

I’ve also moved my RSS feed!  If you subscribe via RSS, please update my feed address (new feed: http://feeds.feedblitz.com/rachelcooks) and while you’re at it, since Google Reader will soon be gone, subscribe through Feedly or Blog Lovin’. I’m personally loving Feedly for all my blog subscriptions.

AND! I’ve moved to Mail Chimp for my email newsletters. The new email updates are much more attractive and if you subscribe, you’ll be my new bff. Seriously! Never miss a recipe or a giveaway!

I think that’s all. I updated my sidebar a bit, added some popular recipes there and some places where I’ve been featured. Let me know what you think and as always, feel free to email me with any questions.


By the way–If you have a WordPress blog and you’re looking to make some changes but are a leeeeeetle bit scared to mess around when it comes to tech stuff, I highly recommend WP Site Care. They took care of everything for me at a very reasonable price. I’m not getting paid to say this! They seriously rock and I can pretty much guarantee that they will be on the receiving end of all panicked emails from me throughout the lifetime of this site. They answer all questions (very quickly!) with patience and are extremely knowledgeable. Ask them about hosting too! Make sure to scout them out on Facebook too–it’s a brand spankin’ new page (as in 2 days ago) so don’t judge by the number of likes–they are awesome!

So in reality, every time I wrote that “I made this change” or “I did this,” we should probably replace “I” with “WP Site Care.” Yeah. Except Mail Chimp. I did that all by myself! Hooray!