Cookie Butter Chips and Muffins

Cookie Butter Chips add a special surprise to these delicious muffins.

Cookie Butter Chips add a special surprise to these delicious muffins. Get the fun recipe on!

I got the crazy idea to make chips out of cookie butter. As in chocolate chip type chips (not the potato variety!) except made out of cookie butter. I thought I would bake something with them.

I almost didn’t.

They tasted really good straight out of the freezer. E agreed. Melt in your mouth amazingness. There almost were none left to bake with.

Cookie Butter Chips add a special surprise to these delicious muffins. Get the fun recipe on!

My thought was that there are countless cookie butter (aka Biscoff) recipes out there but I wanted a baked treat with little nuggets of cookie butter goodness. Not something that was flavored throughout with cookie butter. I wanted little pockets of flavor. I got what I wanted!

I originally envisioned a cookie butter chip cookie but even after freezing the cookie butter chips for 24 hours, they remained soft. Similar to the consistency of butter. Easily squished. Perfect for muffin batter. Or cake!

Cookie Butter Chips add a special surprise to these delicious muffins. Get the fun recipe on!

I made these with a pastry bag and a Wilton 12 piping tip but you could easily do a plastic bag with the corner cut off. They don’t have to be perfect. As you can plainly see, mine are not! They get smushed when you fold them into the batter anyways so this doesn’t have to be a cookie butter chip beauty pageant.

Cookie Butter Chips add a special surprise to these delicious muffins. Get the fun recipe on!

Cookie Butter "Chip" Muffins

Cookie Butter Chips add a special surprise to these delicious muffins.

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For the Cookie Butter Chips:

  • ½ cup cookie butter

For the Muffins

  • 1 and 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon fine salt
  • ¼ cup canola oil
  • 1 large egg
  • ½ cup milk
  • frozen cookie butter chips


For the Cookie Butter Chips

  1. Using a piping bag or a plastic zip-top bag, pipe small dots of cookie butter onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or Silpat. Continue until you have used the entire 1/2 cup of cookie butter. Put in freezer and freeze for 24 hours. (You can probably get by with ~2 hours if need be.)

For the Muffins

  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Line 12 muffin tins with paper liners. Stir dry ingredients in a large bowl. Add in milk, oil and egg and stir until just blended.
  2. Working very quickly, scrape cookie butter chips off of pan and into bowl. Fold into the batter, stirring gently but quickly and only until just combined.
  3. Fill muffin tins ~2/3 full and bake at 400 degrees F for 15-20 minutes or until no impression is left when you press the top lightly.
All images and text ©Rachel Cooks.

Verdict: I loved how these turned out. I was so happy!

Husband’s take: I think he liked these even better than I did. He said it tasted like Starbucks’ Cinnamon Coffee Cake.

Changes I would make: None are necessary, but a little cinnamon in the batter and turbinado sugar on top never hurt anyone…

Difficulty: Easy. If you can forget that there is a tray full of cookie butter in your freezer.

cookie butter chips muffins nutritional label

Actual nutrition may vary depending on how recipe is prepared.

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Cookie Butter Chips add a special surprise to these delicious muffins. Get the fun recipe on!
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  1. So I too was amazed at this recipe! But my chips didn’t freeze properly in 3 hours and kinda got all smushed together. So I tried to salvage it by putting clumps into the batter. =( it’s in the oven now and I think they’ll at least taste good.

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  4. Couldn’t you fill the muffin tin with batter and then nestle the cookie butter chip into the batter. That would insure each cupcake has a glorious mouthful of cookie butter goodness.

    • That could work! My cookie butter chips were more the size of regular chocolate chips so I wanted them scattered throughout. But maybe a larger chip the size of a Hershey’s kiss would work for that method!

  5. It is totally genius that you made your own cookie butter chips! That’s the best idea ever :)

  6. Those chips!!! They are the most perfect little chips ever! The world NEEDS cookie butter chips. I can never even find cinnamon chips in my area. This is like that, but 100x better!

  7. Pure genius. Cookie butter chips sound fantastic. I don’t think that they would ever make it into any baked goods in my house. Every time I passed by the freezer I’d probably have to shove a few into my mouth!

  8. you’re a genius! so smart to make those little chips.

  9. I must need more coffee. I dont k.ow what cookie butter is . Can someone help me wi th a recipe

  10. Oh man, this is genius!! I bet these little muffins were amazing.

  11. These look so good! Brilliant to make the cookie butter into chips!

  12. These muffins look seriously delicious.

  13. I love cookie butter and I love these!!!

  14. MMMMM I love these too!!!

  15. Those cookie butter chips are such a fun idea! And I bet the muffins are absolutely drool-worthy. ;)

  16. whatever this cookie butter stuff is, i need to get on board with it b/c these muffins look incredible.

  17. Stop. Just stop. No don’t actually. I’ll be right over. Can you get working on another batch? ;)

  18. I love the idea of making the cookie butter chips! So great!

  19. These are such wonderful muffins! I had thought about trying to freeze cookie butter bits to put into cookies myself…glad to know the consistency may not be the best. Can’t wait to try these muffins!

  20. Such a fun idea Rachel! And I just so happen to have an unopened jar of cookie butter in my pantry :)

  21. SO SMART! I had never considered making my own “chips” before! I have so many ideas running around in my brain, now…

  22. Cookies butter chips? GENIUS!! Oh, can’t wait to try now!

  23. You are brilliant to think of making cookie butter chips! Oh the possibilities!

  24. Okay. That’s genius. I won’t be making those chips, though. They’d just get eaten out of the freezer. They’d sit in there, calling me, and I couldn’t resist. The muffins look great, too! :)

  25. What an awesome idea! I looove biscoff so very much.

  26. Super idea! Only wish I would’ve thought of it first! Then again, you probably have more will-power than me in not eating all of the chips out of the fridge. :)

  27. Yum! I have never had cookie butter before – will keep my eyes out for it!

  28. Seriously, you did WHAT????? Oh my gosh, these look delicious!!

  29. I don’t even have the words.

    I mean…cookie butter…chips? This is so genius.

  30. Cookie butter is an ultimate favorite! I love these chips and this idea! I started making my own cookie butter b/c I just love it so much…need to work these in!

  31. OMG. I am beyond obsessed. COOKIE BUTTER CHIPS???? You are officially my hero.

  32. Rachel, you are one clever girl. I could use one of these to go with my cup of coffee right now!

  33. love the idea of little pockets of flavor!

  34. i’m seriously so impressed! wow!!

  35. Cute! We’d have trouble resisting cookie butter ‘kisses or chips’ at our house :)

  36. SUCH a genius idea! Now I want cookie butter chips in my life!

  37. oh my goodness, you’re so smart! I bet these are amazing! I love the idea..Im with your daughter, I would totally just eat them by the handful out of the freezer!

  38. Oh. my. goodness. These look amazing!! Usually my cookie butter doesn’t last long enough to make anything, but I will have to make sure to save some for these next time!

  39. What a genius idea! But so tempting just to pop these straight :)

  40. I’ve been wanting to try cookie butter for for-evah…. this is a great excuse to do it. Making your own chips? Brilliant! I’m craving comfort food right now for many reasons…. not the least of which are sick kids and winter. These look like the perfect answer!

  41. I love this – you are so creative. I would eat these chips by the handful. Love the muffins too!

  42. WHAT. Okay I want one. 45. 145, whatever.

  43. Liz took the words out of my mouth… I too am a stranger to this famed cookie butter. BUT! I know I’ll be changing that very very soon; these muffins look too good to pass up! Hope you and the babies are doing well, my dear!

  44. Ohhh you know a way to a girls heart! These sound amazing Rachel!

  45. YAY for Cookie Butter! Rachel, your Cookie Butter Chips idea is so innovative! I thought I was completely nutso when I recently posted my Cookie Butter Snickerdoodles recipe. I mean…crushed biscuits (cookies) into a butter (cookie butter) and then back into a cookie dough? Pure madness, LOL! Thanks for sharing. Pinning & already retweeted! xo

  46. Yummy little bites!

  47. I had never heard of cookie butter, either! Learned something new…and can’t wait to try this.

  48. Yum! I love Biscoff, so these sound amazing. I didn’t even realize it was a spread until fairly recently, I just loved the cookies they gave you on Delta flights :-D

  49. I think I’m the only person who has no idea what “cookie butter” is… is that the lamest thing you’ve ever heard? LOL My poor children.

  50. Wow!! cookie butter chips… what a genius idea to add to muffins/breads or cookies. Doing this today!

  51. Oh my these look and sound amazing! You are genius my friend to make “chips” from biscoff!!!

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