In case you haven’t been following on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, he is here! Our sweet baby boy was born on December 20th at 8:05 AM. In blog world, he’ll be known as N.


He has a super cute name, but I’m trying to keep some things private to protect him, just like I do with our adorable daughter, E.

I was induced a couple of days past my due date, but didn’t end up having to have Pitocin because labor started on its own–hooray! This was a huge answer to prayers. Labor was rough, but went quickly. We were admitted to the hospital for the induction Wednesday night (the 19th of December) at 8pm, and by 8am the next morning, I was holding my boy! (Those are not my arms in the photo below, though–fyi.)


(As a side note, my husband and I called N “she” for the first 24 hours. I even called him by my daughter’s name once in the middle of the night while I was nursing. Oops. Sorry kiddo. We’re finally adjusted to having a boy around.)

We’ve had a few stressful moments and bumps in the road but he seems to be a healthy and perfect little boy. We are so very very blessed. My husband is a school administrator, so the timing could not have been better. He had (has) over two weeks home with us, which has been fantastic. It has been especially great for E, who has been getting tons of attention with both of her parents home. She’s great with N, loves to hold him and give him sweet kisses on the head.




I’m only freaking out a little about how I’m going to manage everything when Ben goes back to work.

Okay, that’s a lie. I’m totally freaking out. Ben has been doing SO much around here, I have no idea how I’ll manage, but I’m sure once we get into a routine things will be fine.



I’ll be back to regular blogging eventually, but I’m not putting a time frame on that. In the meantime, I have the usual Tuesday “day in the life” posts scheduled as well as some great guest posts. I’ll try to stay in touch via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I’d appreciate it if you could all post more photos on Instagram at 3AM, I need some new material while I am nursing. Thanks!

Of course, you can find tons more pictures of both kiddos on Instagram. Food will come back eventually, I promise.

Oh and I’m already stressing out about N being a teenager–this kid is going to be tall (99th percentile for height!), dark and handsome. And he has dimples. Lord help me, the ladies are going to be lining up at the door.