In case you haven’t been following on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, he is here! Our sweet baby boy was born on December 20th at 8:05 AM. In blog world, he’ll be known as N.


He has a super cute name, but I’m trying to keep some things private to protect him, just like I do with our adorable daughter, E.

I was induced a couple of days past my due date, but didn’t end up having to have Pitocin because labor started on its own–hooray! This was a huge answer to prayers. Labor was rough, but went quickly. We were admitted to the hospital for the induction Wednesday night (the 19th of December) at 8pm, and by 8am the next morning, I was holding my boy! (Those are not my arms in the photo below, though–fyi.)


(As a side note, my husband and I called N “she” for the first 24 hours. I even called him by my daughter’s name once in the middle of the night while I was nursing. Oops. Sorry kiddo. We’re finally adjusted to having a boy around.)

We’ve had a few stressful moments and bumps in the road but he seems to be a healthy and perfect little boy. We are so very very blessed. My husband is a school administrator, so the timing could not have been better. He had (has) over two weeks home with us, which has been fantastic. It has been especially great for E, who has been getting tons of attention with both of her parents home. She’s great with N, loves to hold him and give him sweet kisses on the head.




I’m only freaking out a little about how I’m going to manage everything when Ben goes back to work.

Okay, that’s a lie. I’m totally freaking out. Ben has been doing SO much around here, I have no idea how I’ll manage, but I’m sure once we get into a routine things will be fine.



I’ll be back to regular blogging eventually, but I’m not putting a time frame on that. In the meantime, I have the usual Tuesday “day in the life” posts scheduled as well as some great guest posts. I’ll try to stay in touch via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I’d appreciate it if you could all post more photos on Instagram at 3AM, I need some new material while I am nursing. Thanks!

Of course, you can find tons more pictures of both kiddos on Instagram. Food will come back eventually, I promise.

Oh and I’m already stressing out about N being a teenager–this kid is going to be tall (99th percentile for height!), dark and handsome. And he has dimples. Lord help me, the ladies are going to be lining up at the door.

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  1. Congratulations, Rachel!! N is absolutely prescious!

  2. Seriously what beautiful kiddos you have! Hope you are recovering well and getting into your new routine… Congrats Rachel he is seriously adorable!

  3. Aw, congratulations! What a sweetie!

  4. Oh he is a bundle of cuteness! Congratulations!

  5. N is adorable! What a blessing that all fell into placed as prayed for. Enjoy your two little ones!

  6. Just precious!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! That last picture of your two babies just melted my heart. Love.

  7. Congratulation to you. What a beautiful Christmas gift.

  8. congratulations…he is so adorable…and what beautiful pictures of E..and E hold him…ahhhhh…love…what blessed joy filled Christmas I am sure you all had!

  9. CONGRATS my dear sweet friend! The best Christmas present of all. He is beautiful. So excited for you and your family. :)

  10. So precious! I already miss the baby phase. Adding another one is definitely an adjustment but I know you’ll be fine!

  11. Oh, what a precious little one! Congratulations, Rachel. He’s beautiful.

  12. Congrats, these are awesome times and your kids are wonderful! I have a boy and girl and they are so funny together!!

  13. Blessings are yours… Congratulations !!!

  14. Awww….what a lovely Christmas present to have!

  15. Love these photos! You will get into a good routine in no time at all. Having 3 boys, I have learned there is more to life than a clean house. Enjoy every minute you can, it goes by fast!

  16. He is just perfect!! Congrats to you and your family. What a perfect Christmas present!

  17. He’s such a beautiful little blessing — congrats mama!

  18. OHHHHHHHH I’m dying. I just want to eat him! Congrats!!

  19. Oh my – he is just the cutest little bundle of deliciousness! Enjoy that sweet baby!

  20. He is so sweet and I’m pretty sure E is the best big sister ever. Congrats, again, they are both beautiful children!

  21. God bless your family!

  22. Precious, precious! What a great gift to your family, just in time for Christmas :) Congrats Rachel!

  23. Big, big congratulations Rachel. He is such a handsome little guy and I love the pictures of E with him; she obviously loves being a big sister!

    • Thanks Kathryn! She is doing fantastic! Only had one little meltdown so far when we put N in her stroller. “Mine! Mine!” But she got over it quickly :)

  24. I agree that people need to update facebook and instagram more in the middle of the night for us moms we are feeding. I think we need to start a late night group because I seriously get bored.

  25. Congrats to your family! He is adorable & “E,” looks like such a helpful & loving big sister! Awww so beautiful are new babies!

  26. Oh, I love him!! Both your kiddos are ridiculously cute. Can’t wait to someday meet all of you… hopefully!

  27. Congratulations!!! He is so adorable. And the pics of the two little ones together… gorgeous! I’m so happy for you, and glad all is well. I totally remember that overwhelming feeling of how I was going to manage once my hubby went back to work. Be encouraged, you will be fine. :-) You might feel a little nutty, but you’ll make it! heehee. Blessings to you!!!

  28. Oh my gosh!! He is so cute!!!

  29. Congratulations to you and your lovely family, Rachel! What a way to start off 2013! I wish much joy for you and yours in the coming weeks, months, and years, as well as a little rest for you and your handsome new addition!! :)

  30. i have been following along on IG and Twitter but am so excited to see the official blog announcement! Two beautiful children-congrats!

  31. He’s gorgeous, congrats! Adjusting to two is easier than adjusting to one (for me at least!) Hang in there and you’ll do fine!

    • Thanks Kelley! Ben and I keep saying, “Why did we think one kid was hard?” lol! The adjustments are different though, that’s for sure. Less of a shock. :)

  32. Congratulations, congratulations, CONGRATULATIONS, Rachel, to you and your lovely, lovely family! What a wonderful blessing and such a perfect way to start out 2013. Cheers to you and your handsome new addition – I hope you both are able to get a little bit of rest over the next few days!! :)

  33. He is so cute Rachel…and I have every confidence you will transition fine when the hubs goes back to work. You are a multi-tasker extraordinaire!

  34. He’s precious, and so is little E. But I guess she’s not so little any more :(

  35. Congrats, Rachel! Your little boy is so precious!! PS: When our son was born we called him a girl for few days too :)

  36. Congratulations Rachel! He’s just cuter than cute! And the pictures with your daughter make it even better :) I remember those first days home with the new one (I have 2 girls, 2 yrs apart) and all I can tell you is what everyone else does, rest when he does if at all possible! And when your younger one take her nap, TAKE A NAP! The laundry, dishes, etc. will wait and can be done while she’s awake whereas sleeping cannot :) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your sweet family!

  37. He is SUCH a little cutie pie. I’m so glad he and your family are doing well! Enjoy every second with him. :)

  38. How precious N is and the photos with E are heart warming!! Tantissimi auguri!

  39. So happy for you–He is precious! (And your little N and I share a birthday :)) I love the pictures of your little girl and him-adorable!

  40. Rachel — He is ADORABLE. Definitely what my mom calls a “cart-stopper.” ;) Congrats!

  41. Congratulations

  42. Awww Rachel he’s precious!!! What a wonderful Christmas gift :)

  43. YEA!!!!! What a beautiful baby boy!!!! The pictures you took are amazing! What a miracle life is!

    ….and no, you might not shower for days, nor eat a balanced meal, nor speak words other then babble for the next few months…..but enjoy every minute of it! These are the moments that make life and be present and love them! The days go by fast and you will wish you slowed down to blow bubbles with them! Your blog, and we will be here, but these moments wont! NOW,…go love on those babies!!!! …and take care of yourself!!! :)

  44. Congrats Rachel – Baby N is gorgeous! What a fabulous Christmas gift :).

  45. He is perfect! So happy for you guys! Hope you are feeling great too!

  46. He’s adorable, congrats! Don’t worry about calling him (or E for that matter) by the other name…or a combination of the two! =) My bro and I are Jennifer and Jonathan; I would get called Jonifer and my brother Jennathon. LOL

  47. He is so so so adorable and perfect! Boys are fun… you are going to have a blast. Congrats to you and your family! xoxo

  48. Congrats!! He is darling.

  49. OMG I love those cute photos of N & E, they are just so sweet! So happy for you Rachel! I can’t imagine taking care of 2 little ones so I give you a ton of credit for doing that while your husband is at work!

  50. SO CUTE!!! I love that little hat N is wearing :)

  51. What a Christmas blessing!!! So glad you’re enjoying this special time with your family of FOUR!! Enjoy every single minute my friend. xo

  52. Hi N, you cutey-pants! You are simply adorable. Your big sister is pretty adorable too!

  53. So adorable! Congratulations again on your beautiful bundle of joy. The pictures of the two of them together are just precious. :)

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