I have so much to be thankful for this year. Every year. God has blessed me, and my family, tremendously.

In no particular order, I’m thankful for…

  • My family. E–who blows me away with her smarts and her personality every day. Ben–who puts up with me and still sings my praises. Trust me, I haven’t made it easy during this pregnancy. Baby Boy growing in my belly–I can’t wait to meet you. You’ve given me hell the last nine months but I’m so glad you are (God willing) growing strong and healthy in there.
  • My extended family. I’m going to be an aunt for the second time in June! Hooray!
  • The words of the song “This is my Father’s World”
  • This blog and all my readers. You’ve given me support, encouragement, and something fun to do while staying at home with my kiddo. I’ve discovered a new passion and learned so much in the process.
  • All the people I’ve ‘met’ while  blogging. Can you believe this amazing virtual shower they threw me?
  • Health! My own health (I’ve had a few sort of scary moments during this pregnancy but things are looking good now), my family’s health, my father-in-law’s health (he’s made a fantastic recovery from his stroke/heart attacks at the beginning of the year), my friends….etc! Like I said, we are tremendously blessed.
  • That my husband has a great job that allows me to stay at home and raise E. He works extremely hard and I’m so proud of everything he has done and is doing.
  • A job that allow me to pop in to the hospital every once in a while to work a few hours. Keeps me sane, keeps my feet wet in my career field, and of course gives us a little extra cash flow. Not to mention the fact that I love being a physical therapist. I am so thankful that I have a job with this flexibility.
  • This list could go on and on but this touches on the big things. I’m also thankful for countless smaller things. You know, like popcorn.

What are you thankful for this year?