I am so excited about this “a day in the life” feature. Jessica’s blog, How Sweet It Is, is one of my all-time favorites. As in, I don’t ever miss a post. I’m 200% sure I’m not the only one that feels this way. Jessica is hilarious, her photos gorgeous, and her food? Oh. My. Goodness. She is a creative genius, always coming up with something new and exciting. If you’re new to Jessica’s blog, you’ll find something you love–I promise. From healthy…to farrrrr from healthy, there is something for everyone.


Tell me about yourself and how you started food blogging.

I started blogging on a whim, mostly because I was stuck in a dead-end job that left me nothing to do all day but sit in front of a computer. I never intended for my blog to be about food – initially I wanted it to be more lifestyle based – but… my life was pretty boring at the time… besides from what I was making in the kitchen, of course. I had been cooking for years, so it just made sense to start taking pictures of it obsessively and sharing it with my readers. Who at the time were like, my mom and my husband.

Take me through your day. 

I am an early bird! Total morning person right here. I love the mornings and love to get my day started.

5-5:30: wake up! I like to ease into my day mentally… I’ve done this since I was about 14 years old.

6-7: work out, which is usually some form of cardio or walking and maybe strength training depending on the day.

7: eat breakfast and get in front of the computer for the day… I basically never leave it’s side.

7:30-12: this is when I get the first half of my work done – it may be blog related (like actually being on the computer), developing recipes, testing recipes, photographing recipes, working on writing or freelance projects I have and generally just making a ginormous mess that I regret later.

12:30: though I will usually find something to snack on in the morning, this is typically the time that I make lunch, which means I grab something quickly and sit back down in front of the computer. Never ends! If I am working on multiple recipes that day, bites and pieces of them may end up as my lunch.

1-5: back to work… same old, same old. Recipes, photographing, writing, projects… I try to wrap up my “formal” work around 5.

5-6: I usually always have to take an hour and really deep clean my kitchen… yes, every day. Every single day. It is the worst hour of my day. Blah!

6-7: I try to get out of the house here, which usually involves going to yoga or a long walk with my cousin. Mental clarity time!

7-8: prepare some sort of dinner, while simultaneously doing more work.

8-10: I’d love to say I disconnect at this time, but I rarely do. My husband I may be off the computer for a few minutes during dinner, but as soon as we finish, we’re both reconnected. I finish up any loose ends here and usually prepare my post for the next day. Luckily, he is awesome and re-cleans the kitchen from dinner and does the dishwasher duty.

11: approximate bedtime! Sometimes a bit earlier, sometimes later, just depends.

What is your one must-have kitchen tool or gadget?

This totally differs everyday, but I’d have to say my food processor. I use it almost every day. Or my cast iron skillet? Use that almost every day too.

What is your favorite part of your day? Why?

Morning workout! I’ve been a morning exerciser since I was 16 years old and it just sets the tone for my day.

What is your LEAST favorite part of the day? Why?

Cleaning the kitchen… ugh.

What is your favorite day of the week? Why?

Thursday… I love the anticipation of Friday and the weekend.

If you had to choose one place to travel to every year over and over, where would it be? Why? Have you been there before?

Northern Michigan… my dad’s family is from the area and we have vacationed there every year of my life. It’s my favorite place in the world.

What is your favorite quote or verse?

“When you want something you’ve never had, you must do something you’ve never done.” I’m pretty sure it’s a Benjamin Franklin quote.

What is your favorite cookbook?

Ahhh! This is like asking me what my favorite song or movie or food is. I really love the Gourmet cookbook… but I have a collection that would make you cringe.

What recipe on your blog are you most proud of?

I’m always looking for the next best thing, so this is a hard question for me to answer. At the moment, the most challenging recipe I’ve shared has been homemade croissants, so let’s go with those. It’s amazing I had the patience to make them.


What recipe on your blog do your readers seem to love most? 

I post so many recipes that this varies with the season, but people tend to go nuts over these homemade snickers bars.


What have you learned since you began blogging?

You must do it because you are 100% madly in love with the job.

What have you found to be the most challenging part of blogging?

Time management. I’m always always always connected.

Do you have any advice for someone who is interested in cooking or food blogging?

Just start! If you love food and want to share it with others… just begin. I think you learn the most as you go and from experience. Do it because you love it, don’t expect to make money, be involved with the community, support other bloggers and stop comparing yourself. There is room for everybody.

Who would you like to see featured here in the future?

Naomi from Bakers Royale

Heather from Heather Cristo Cooks

Lisa from With Style

Katie from Yes I Want Cake 


Thanks Jessica!  My in-laws have a place in Northern Michigan and I completely agree–there’s just something about it up there. 

PS: It always blows me away that people can get so much done on so little sleep. I need 8 hours.

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