Are you all ready to party?

With pancakes?

31 of them, to be exact. (That’s the plan at least.)

Starting tomorrow, we will be partying. Pancake style. I’ve invited some of my favorite bloggers to share a recipe for a savory or sweet pancake. I’ll post a new one every day, and also compile a list of them all right here in this post.

There will also be giveaways! Good ones! I can’t wait!

In preparation, I did a small survey about pancakes. Here are some of the results–I had so much fun reading them!

  • 96.4 percent of people polled like pancakes. My apologies to the 3.6% of you that do not. I’ll see you in August.
  • Out of all the people polled, only one person calls them flapjacks. To everyone else, they are pancakes.
  • 91.5% of people polled prefer sweet (rather than savory) pancakes for breakfast.
  • Sweet pancakes are still the preferred choice even at dinner, but this time only 62.3% of folks.
  • When asked to describe the BEST pancake they ever had (I love the memories tied to these–sorry about the long list, I had a hard time choosing), people said:
    • “One with Apples and Cinnamon and a ridiculous amount of syrup.”
    • “Traditional chocolate chip are always the best.”
    • “There have been 2. One was a bacon, smoked cheddar. The other was a vanilla blueberry with a hint of lemon.”
    • “I really don’t remember the pancakes as much as I remember going to the IHOP with friends and having a fun time eating pancakes.” (I love this answer!)
    • “Cornmeal cakes with fresh corn.”
    • “The ones I make myself. Do German pancakes count as well? Because my mother makes the best!”
    • “Light and fluffy full of blueberries on the inside and golden brown on the outside.”
    • “The best pancakes I’ve ever had are my dad’s applesauce pancakes.”
    • “My favorite will always be a tall stack of fluffy, homemade buttermilk pancakes!”
    • “At a restaurant called ‘Good’ in NYC I had lemon ricotta pancakes. I think my eyes rolled back in my head as I was eating. And then I almost ordered another plate full. Amazingness!”
    • “I found a recipe for Martha Stewart’s Best Buttermilk Pancakes. Simple, classic and delicious. Pancakes made from scratch are the best pancakes. :)”
    • “Big, fluffy buttermilk pancakes with blueberries (always), pineapple, and bananas (sometimes). Nice and airy, with plenty of real butter and real maple syrup. I mix the batter and put fruit or chocolate chips on each pancake before I flip it. That way, everybody can have the kind he or she likes.”
    • “Chocolate batter. Chocolate chips. Whipped cream. Death by deliciousness, party of one. Except for that’s also tied with a pure buttermilk batter with oats mixed in, plus a healthy dose of cinnamon and original/golden raisins. Two very different but equally amazing pancakes.”
    • “Clara Cakes at Half & Half in St. Louis, MO. It’s pancakes with raspberries, mascarpone and granola.”
    • “The german pancake at Ol’ South in Fort Worth, TX. It is huge. Sort of a cross between a dutch baby and a crepe with butter, powdered sugar, and freshly squeezed lemon juice.”
    • “My grandma fried them in bacon grease. Her batter was on the thin side and the pancakes were very thin and crisp on the edges. They will always be my favorite. I still can’t eat thick puffy pancakes at restaurants.”
    • “My Dad’s pancakes are amazing! Light and fluffy, they have enough firmness to be the perfect delivery vehicle for butter and maple syrup….mmmm yummy. I think his secret is bit of white cornmeal…but he’s not telling!”
    • “This pancake I had in Amsterdam. It was thin and very large. Not an American pancake. You could order them sweet or savory. I had the ham and cheese pancake and it was amazing!!!”
    • “I just had some red velvet pancakes with cream cheese syrup this past weekend for breakfast! Most delicious pancakes I have *ever* had!!”
    • “A light, fluffy buttermilk and Greek yogurt based pancake with blueberries and I ate it with blood orange marmalade mixed with butter…sooo good!”
    • “My Dad’s sourdough hotcakes. My Dad gave us the starter when we married (1979). My Grandma gave the starter to my parents when they married (1948). My Grandma got it from a lady who came to Wyoming on a wagon train. I’m the ‘keeper’ of the sourdough!”
    • “My grandmother used to make a vanilla sauce (more or less a french vanilla pudding) to put on hers. Absolutely amazing.”
    • Other answers included: Pumpkin, lots of IHOP varieties, regular pancakes with mini m&ms, sweet potato pancake with pecans and cinnamon maple syrup, fresh raspberries and dark chocolate chips, birthday cake/confetti cake pancakes with cream cheese icing/syrup, blueberry buckwheat pancakes, strawberries and cream, and of course–tons of buttermilk pancakes! Sometimes you can’t beat a classic. My husband would agree. Hungry yet? I am!
  • So those were the winners. I also asked about the losers–the failure stories:
    • “Grandpa used to have trouble flipping pancakes once in a while so he’d mix the botched flip all up into a big messy pile and call it “rumitypun” or something like that.”
    • “None, all good in my pancake land.”
    • “I’m sure I’m not alone when I say always throw away your first pancake. Kind of like crepes, the first one is always a tester. :)”
    • “Hard and tasted like poo.” <–This had to come from one of my male readers.
    • “I made banana almond pancakes using almond flour recently and they stuck horribly to the pan! I ended up turning them into baked pancakes instead and they worked great.”
    • “Every time I make pancakes it’s a failure story. And then the second batch sometimes turns out. Yaaaa, I’ll be lucky if I can pull off this post, I suck at making pancakes.” <–Hopefully this month will improve your skills!
    • “I used soy milk versus going to the store to get real milk one time. They were a flat mess!”
    • “I always make mine from scratch and with four kiddos I am often tired and barely away as I’m mixing them up, so yes of course more than once I have forgotten, to add eggs, or baking powder….Ugh! Oh well I just whip up another batch.”
    • “Up until college I could never flip them. They always ended up the biggest mess. I felt like a kitchen failure. It wasn’t until I met my husband that I learned you had to wait for the bubble in the middle.”
    • “I am terrible, awful, horrible at flipping pancakes. Take from that what you will (*tears*).”
    • “Made pancakes as a child and got egg shell in them. Crunch pancakes are not so great. Sadly? We ate them anyway!”
    • “New bride of 4 years cooks pancakes and failed to realize the syrup was full of ANTS!” <–Eww!
    • “Not pre-heating the pan, or putting butter in the pan first, leads to sub-par pancakes. I start with a hot, dry pan and always get pretty pancakes.”
    • “I can’t cook pancakes, they never turn out- I always try to flip before they are done so they all scrunch up with raw batter in the middle. All of the pancakes I eat are made by others.”
    • “It’s not really a bad “pancake” story, but. . .my grandfather didn’t use a spatula to flip his flapjacks, so I decided to try it one day and burned my stomach with the pan while trying to catch one that got away. That was many years ago and I’m proud to say, I don’t need a spatula anymore either.” <–Impressive!
    • Other answers included: Burnt pancakes, pancakes that are too cakey, pancakes with raw batter, failures when experimenting, every first pancake, and a few that answered “no failure story.” Lucky ones!
  • I asked what people like to top a perfect buttermilk pancake with (multiple answers were allowed):
    • 67.1% said pure maple syrup
    • 64.5% said butter
    • 25% said strawberries
    • 22.4% said blueberries
    • 19.7% said whipped cream
    • 18.4% said artificial maple syrup
    • 10.5% said apples
    • 10.5% said cinnamon
    • Other answers included: Applesauce & cinnamon sugar, bananas, honey, nutella, chocolate syrup, pecans, walnuts, powdered sugar, jam, peanut butter, chocolate chips, bananas foster, pineapple, butter & raspberry jam, Greek yogurt, homemade fruit syrups, molasses, butter pecan syrup from IHOP, bananas & walnuts, peanut butter & agave nectar, sugar-free syrup, wildflower honey, and dark Karo syrup.
  • 98.8 percent of people polled were excited about the pancake party. I’ll try not to cry myself to sleep over the 1.2%. ;)


Now heat up your griddle and brew some coffee…it’s time to get cooking!  Follow along on Twitter with hashtag #pancakeparty. I’ll also be pinning all the pancakes on my pancake Pinterest board. And I’ll be keeping a list of all the pancakes here.

And…if you have a minute…this video will make you laugh (sorry about the 15 second ad before the video). I’m sure some of my pancake party participants think I am about as crazy as this lady. ;)

PS: Thanks to Mark Bolek for the fun logos!



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