Land O’Lakes Butter (Olive Oil & Sea Salt): Review & Giveaway

Recently I was approached by Land O’Lakes to review their new butter and to participate in a webinar with Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman).

The new butter contains olive oil and sea salt and it is delicious.

Especially on popcorn.

Trust me, I’ve tested it…more than a few times.

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My favorite part of the webinar, aside from hearing Miss‘ accent and Bev’s singing when they called in for the Q&A session, was hearing the butter factoids that Ree shared. And I’ll share with you!

  • Butter was first churned more than 4,000 years ago.
  • France is first in per capita butter consumption, but 3rd in world butter production.
  • The word “butter” comes from a Greek work that means “Cow Cheese.”
  • It takes approximately 21 pounds of whole milk to make 1 pound of butter. (Wow!)
  • During the Middle Ages, butter was colored with marigold flowers.

Another part of the webinar that I really enjoyed was Ree’s tips for recipe development. I often has problems thinking of things that my husband will enjoy–and sometimes I feel guilty for not cooking his favorites over and over again. A food blogger needs variety! She gave the example of one of her favorite pizzas: Roasted Eggplant and Grape Tomato Pizza. She talked about how you could easily get creative and turn the same ingredients into a pasta, a panini or a risotto. Very inspiring!

The webinar lasted about an hour, in which I struggled to keep E entertained (she had lunch and colored), so I didn’t call in to ask a question because she wasn’t exactly peaceful and quiet by the end of the webinar. The callers asked great questions though and the entire thing was very informative. I don’t want to go on and on, because I think other bloggers will be posting about this as well, so I’m sure you’ll get more info. I’ll add links here to the other blog posts as I see them.

On to the giveaway!

Update: Giveaway has closed. Congrats to Christina of This Woman Cooks!

Giveaway Details: 

One (1) winner will receive: One (1) full-value coupon for LAND O LAKES® Butter with Olive Oil & Sea Salt, Ree Drummond’s two (2) cookbooks (SIGNED COPIES!): Food From My Frontier and The Pioneer Woman Cooks, and a flat whisk, slotted spoon and stainless steel tongs.


To enter: Answer this question (in the comment section of this post): What is your favorite way to use butter? OR: If you have tried this type of butter, what did you use it in?

For additional entries: (Make sure to leave a separate comment for each or they will not count.)

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  1. Either to saute’ veggies, or on nice warm homemade bread.

  2. I receive your emails. Very nice giveaway, thanks!

  3. I follow you on Facebook.

  4. I would melt it and put it on fresh asparagus or broccoli. Or eat it off the spoon!

  5. butter on banana bread is heavenly.

  6. I’m following you on Twitter!

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  8. I’m an email subscriber!

  9. I don’t think it gets much better than hot buttered toast…

  10. Um… I want butter on everything! I am seriously in love with butter. My favorite way to use it?… probably in cake

  11. I like you on Facebook.

  12. I subcribe by email.

  13. I love pie, so I would have to say pie crust, but chocolate chip cookies are a real close second!

  14. You should ask what isn’t my favorite way to eat butter – because there are too many ways that I love it!! But if I had to choose one right now, I’d choose a piece of toast, slathered with butter, then topped with avocado and salt. Delish!

  15. I love to use butter when baking!

  16. On everything!

  17. Very fine reply, Rachel.

    I’ve read that unpasteurized milk is very unhealthy for children and fetuses; and I think that that’s very credible and surely right. The little’uns need bacteria in order to develop the immune system. And what I read said that the ideal milk for a human child is from the mother’s breast milk, or if the mother is unable to provide, then from another human woman. If that’s neither can be provided, then healthy raw milk from cows and I suppose also goats can be used as substitutes. But the milk needs to be raw.

    Otherwise, children can, if not will, grow up with more allergies, for their immune systems won’t have adequately developed. That’s also credible, since the immune system needs to fight against bacteria in order to develop; a little like body-building or physical fitness requiring exercise. We don’t and can’t become fit when always being sedentary. The immune system also needs exercise.

    I’m not a biologist, MD, …, but don’t see how the immune system can develop if it doesn’t get exercise.

    But raw milk isn’t always available. I’ve read that it remains legally purchasable in some, though not all, states in the USA, but it’s legal nowhere in Canada. There, buying and selling raw milk is apparently illegal across the whole country. Canadians can get it, but there’s only one way that’s legal. They have to have their own cow or goat. Many Cdns don’t have property for being able to do this, but can have someone who has the means to care for and keep the animal do it. Then the owner(s) can go to where their cow is and consume their cow’s raw milk there. Wow! But that’s not all. They can’t legally take any of their cow’s milk home with them. The farmer or farmetter who has cows or goats can consume the milk, but only on the farm or farmette.

    Lovely politics, heh? It’s government-corporation racket politics. There’s absolutely nothing sensible about it. People who raise animals have to do it in hygienic ways, but this was never a problem for any of my farming relatives. No one ever got sick from consuming milk from my dairy farming relatives, who always had very clean operations. These laws are criminal politics.

    Organic vs pasteurized :

    I live in Quebec, Canada, and have a butter and parmesan cheese from a dairy product maker called Fromagerie L’Ancêtre (The Ancestors’ or Ancestors Cheese Maker or dairy), It was started by farmers who want to make dairy products as ancestors did, and the products are very good and available across Canada. I’m not sure about the butter, for the packaging only says fully organic, not saying anything about pasteurization, but the cheese package says both organic and made from non-pasteurized milk or cream. The cheese package also says lactose-free, but that’s okay. I don’t have a problem with lactose, but it’s okay for there to be none and it’ll be great for people allergic to lactose.

    A cheddar and mozarella I buy are organic and made from non-pasteurized milk, and these are from La Chaudière,

    The two websites are available in both English and French, but the link for English at the Ancêtre website is not where I would expect it. It’s beneath the picture below the Contactez-nous link.

    Some organic cheeses are pasteurized, but I try to buy only those that’re non-pasteurized. And the Chaudière cheeses are available in organic and non-organic forms, and I’m pretty sure all of the latter ones are pasteurized. Maybe it doesn’t make a difference for cheeses, but I prefer the organic non-pasteurized Chaudière cheeses. Non-pasteurized cheeses and I think also butter basically won’t be found in regular grocery stores here. Either that, or they just won’t be found where non-organic cheeses are. One large store I know of here places organic yogurt far apart from non-organic yogurt. If you don’t inquire, then you’re very likely to not find the organic kind. And the price difference is not much.

    Prices? I’ve looked at prices of good non-organic cheeses and the prices weren’t really lower. There might be a tiny difference, but only pennies. The cheese bricks for cheddar and mozarella from Chaudière are 340g and cost only $7. The parmesan from L’Ancêtre is smaller and cost almost the same, but it’s GOOD and I don’t eat it by the ton every week. But I better start grating and eating that parmesan and finish off a brick of cheddar, for they’re not going to keep indefinitely. I’ve been slacking off a lot, lately, on bread, cheese and some other foods that I usually ate plenty of. But I can go for a series of months eating plenty and then slack off a lot for another series of months. No, I’m not pregnant. :) Maybe I’m going through male menopause though. Hmmm? :)

    The organic butter I buy (getting the unsalted one) from L’Ancêtre is a brick of 250g and costs around $5, so that’s not too expensive for good butter and I consume little anyway. It also keeps very well in refrigeration, which I keep at around 37F on the middle shelf. It keeps very well for months. There’s no noticeable difference after three months. So it works well for me, since I consume little. It once went modly after about a month, but that was in a warmer refrigerator several years ago.

    Meats and fish mostly are the only foods I don’t buy certified organic. It’s rarely found for fish; only having seen that it’s sometimes found with some farm raised fish, which I don’t buy due to preferring wild north pacific salmon from Alaska, f.e. It’ll be available later this month and I’ll be stocking up. Apparently, the fishing season is open for only a month or so every year for this Alaskan-caught north pacific wild salmon.

    I recently read that wild fish can’t be certified organic due to pollutants. But wild salmon, sardines, cod, haddock, walleye (not meaning pickerel, for that’s really a different fish), yellow perch, and some other fish (and seafoods) are good, depending on where they’re from. We just have to use resources like can be learned about at in its or some of its pages about some of these fish and seafoods, plus by doing a Google of the website for mercury, f.e.

    That’s a very important topic for the health of children and women, especially women who’re pregnant or who plan on becoming pregnant. It’s also important for men, but especially is for children, fetuses and women in general. One resource recommended at is the Seafood Watch Super Green List of the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

    I also have links for two other seafood watch Web resources and the link for one or else both was obtained in the above Web page or site.

    Seafood Selector – Complete List of Seafood Eco-Ratings

    “Best Choice” Seafood

    Anyway, I don’t only consume certified organic foods. I try to, but am not going to pay the extremely outrageous prices some of these foods cost. Nonetheless, I like the idea of farming and foods like our ancestors knew and grew. My ancestors in Quebec, plus relatives in Vermont, consumed organic raw milk from their farms and, for those of us who weren’t members of the dairy families, we bought milk from these farms. That was until the selling and buying of raw milk was made illegal by the racket government during the 1970s. And the price was much better than buying pasteurized milk in stores. My dairy relative was charging only $2.25 per imperial gallon of healthy raw milk when he finally had to stop selling in order to avoid fines of $1,000. This was towards the end of the 1970s, for he had kept selling to very local people he trusted for several years after the racket government established the so-called legal ban.

    It was never called organic, but it was. And none of the relatives I knew became obese or developed any other health problems due to consuming this raw milk. Two dairy families raised Holstein cows, while another raised what I think were called Canadian cows, Canadien in French. Jersey milk is too rich for consuming like Holstein milk, f.e. Jersey is much more suitable to making icecream and maybe some cheeses. So none of my relatives raised Jerseys.

    These relatives haven’t be prone to development of allergies. But that’s for those of us of my generation and older ones. Some of us have allergies, but not many; not like we hear and read about with youth of today.

    Land’oLakes butter :

    I had it when young and recall having liked it, but that’s a long time ago. I’m not sure if it’s even sold here and the name makes it sound like it might be from Minnesota. It was a very popular butter when I was young.

  18. Our latest favorite is Brown Butter Cornbread. Cheers!

  19. I’ve used this butter for biscuits, and while it’s a little softer than normal butter, it worked well enough. Olive oil alone would not work for biscuits – or at least not for flaky biscuits. I use a lot of olive oil, but I also use a lot of butter. I think it’s great that there are choices.

  20. I like putting butter on a delicious piece of artisan bread.

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  25. Buttercream frosting!! :)

  26. Wish Land O Lakes was down here.. I always used it in the states.

    Here, I make my own cow cheese. :)

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  31. My favorite way to use butter is to use it to saute mushrooms. It’s be perfect because I usually add olive oil and sea salt as well. This new butter have all the ingredients I needed. How nice.

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  35. I like to use butter in my desserts. It is good on popcorn too. I would love to try this variety.

  36. I like butter on bread that has a good crunchy crust.

  37. I follow you on facebook.

  38. I get your rss feed

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  40. I use butter all the time. Mostly in baking. But I imagine this new butter would be good when cooking vegetables. I would live to win this prize especially this week because it has been a bad one and this would make it much better. A guy hit my husband and totaled his truck and of coarse the guy didn’t have insurance, and did I mention this happened on my birthday :(

  41. Butter is for baking.

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  46. I love butter on toast and in Baking!!!!

  47. Butter on bread- like, buttered bread plain, buttered rolls, buttered toast, or butter for grilling bread, aka- grilled cheese… my favorite… : )

  48. My favorite way to use butter is in cookie dough! It’s my guilty pleasure!

  49. I now follow Land O’ Lakes on Twitter.

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  51. I love great butter spread on a great loaf of bread.

  52. Holy moly that last comment! You handled it well.
    I enjoyed the same aspects of the webinar as you and thanks for the shout out, you are so sweet. I need to get my post ready!

  53. Sorry, but I’m under the impression that you’re on Land’oLakes payroll. LandoLakes isn’t certified organic, I believe anyway, so if that’s right, then this is strike #1. Strike #2, you didn’t review any other butters, not even certified organic ones from small producers. Strike #3, strikes 1 & 2. After all, 1+2 = 3. And so we we have 3 strikes in a row and that constitutes a strike-out.

    I’m 99% joking, teasing, of course. All I would want to do is to ask you to justify this. If you can do that, then this jurist may find the justification satisfactory. :)

    You’re surely going to delete this post, but I’ll try and will see what happens. Jury now is temporarily adjourned.

    Btw, just get full certified organic extra virgin, first/cold-pressed olive oil, put some in a small jar, put that in the refrigerator, the oil will solidify, then use it in place of butter for spreading on bread, crackers, …. Wouldn’t do that for salads, f.e., but for a butter substitute, surely can.

    A little organic butter, regardless of whether the producer pays for certification or not, just as long as the butter is certified organic and, preferably, made from raw, not pasteurized milk, or cream, plus unsalted, now that can be healthy butter; but only in very small amounts per day. It’s mostly saturated fat. And refrigerated olive oil in glass containers will thicken enough to be able to be easily used in place of butter for spreading on bread slices. There’s no need at all to mix olive oil with butter.

    I wouldn’t buy butter if it isn’t certified organic. If I made some, then I wouldn’t need to pay for certification to convince myself that my butter’s organic, but I don’t make butter, and I won’t buy any that isn’t CO. If I want olive oil, then I have CO, … OO. If I want to combine the two, then I have both and can combine them, though don’t have a clue why I’ld bother doing that. If I want salt, then I will add real sea salt. If I want iodine, then I buy and use the very best product there is for this and it’s not iodized salt. It’s the richest product available for “feeding” the thyroid gland. Once we use that, then salt becomes a rather useless mineral.

    So what good is there, really, with butter?

    This comment surely will be soon deleted. After all, I’m not commenting like a fan would. Instead, I’m critical, questioning, ….

    • Well, I’ll answer your last question first. The good of butter? Easy, it is the taste. You’re comparing olive oil and butter but the two taste nothing alike. I love the taste of both, in different dishes that I make. If we are talking health benefits alone, why sure, go with olive oil. Of course. However, although I try to eat mindfully, I’ve never claimed to be a “health” food blog. I’m quite sure this is your first time reading, but if you would take a second to browse my site, you would notice that I feature a wide variety of recipes. Some are healthy, some not so much. I believe in everything in moderation.

      On that note, I don’t buy everything organic. I try to buy some things organic, especially now that I am pregnant, but I think that is a choice we each have to make for ourselves. Also, in my review of Land O’Lakes butter, I never claimed that it was organic or that someone who eats solely organic foods should use this butter.

      Also, being pregnant, using butter made from unpasteurized milk would be a bad and potentially dangerous decision for my child.

      I won’t delete your comment. I’m not the type of person that brushes criticism (the well thought-out kind) under the rug. I’m also not going to change the way I eat or what I post here on my blog. I’m not even going to try and convince you to stay and continue reading my posts. There are tons of blogs centered around organic eating that may be more appropriate for you to spend your time one.

      Take care, Mike.

      PS: I’m not on Land O’Lakes payroll. I disclosed that I received free products and nothing else. If I did happen to be on Land O’Lakes payroll, I would have disclosed that at the bottom of my post.

  54. I subscribe to your RSS feed.

  55. My favorite use for butter is in pie crust.

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  60. My favorite way to use butter is in desserts. I attempt to substitute butter/oil in certain dishes for a healthier option but I will not when it comes to cookies, cakes and brownies. When I want a treat, that’s what it has to be.
    I have used Fleischmann’s olive oil spread with sea salt on italian style bread and noodles but have never tried Land O’Lakes brand, although I do use their unsalted butter for baking.
    I find Ree Drummond’s cooking show very fun to watch, she makes some down home recipes. I usually catch it on weekend mornings on Food Network.

  61. my favorite way to use butter: on top of freshly grilled corn! :)

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  66. On toast

  67. I like to use butter on bread, and of course, in baking!

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  72. My favorite way to use butter is in baked goods.

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  75. I have not used this butter yet, but if I do, I plan to use it for sauteing mushrooms and other veggies YUM!

  76. My favorite way to use butter is in baking. Nothing tastes better in a pie crust or cookies than real butter. I haven’t tried the olive oil version yet, but I’m imagining shrimp scampi would be world class!

  77. I am a FB fan

  78. what don’t I love using butter in, I am a butteraholic.

  79. Favorite way to use butter……in mashed potatoes!!

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  84. My favorite way to use butter and have used this type of butter in baking my homemade bread and cookies.


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  87. My favorite way to use butter is in cookies. Any and all kinds of cookies!

  88. Spread on fresh homemade bread. Ya, cookies, cakes, blah blah, all that’s great, but fresh bread, good night, nothin’ quite like it!

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  92. Oh geez! How about browned in cookies? Oh yeah…browned butter chocolate chip cookies for suuuure. :)

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  95. My favorite way to use is always in baking, cookies or cakes! But maybe for olive oil/sea salt, better in more savory dishes!

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  100. I love butter on popcorn!

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  104. my favorite way to use butter is on top of breads!

  105. I like to use butter to saute mushrooms, a little on pasta :)

  106. I tried this butter, and it was really good! I made a bacon, avocado, grilled cheese with it – and it was amazing!

  107. And follow you on Twitter.

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  109. Oooh that’s easy, my favorite way to use butter is in baking :)

  110. My favorite way to use butter…let me count the ways! On popcorn, in a lemon-herb sauce for chicken or fish, to caramelize onions, on my morning bagel, in baking. The list goes on! Thank you for such a fun give-away. :)

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  116. I am worlds biggest butter lover. I order extra butter on my toast when we go out to eat….I’ve even been known to dip my fries in it!

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  118. Making scrambled eggs!

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  122. I subscribe to your RSS feed and I love it!

  123. My current favorite way to use butter is to saute up some veggies. So delicious!

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  125. Love using butter in making my cupcakes!

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  128. Butter on mashed potatoes :)

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  131. I subscribed to the e-mail list and RSS feed but I don’t have twitter.

  132. Most recently I used it to make baklava!

  133. I already like you on Facebook. : )

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  135. Popcorn & in pancakes here at our house!

    PS eeee! Congrats on a sweet baby boy!

  136. My favorite way to use butter is on pasta with some garlic, chili flakes, S & P and Parmesan.

  137. My favorite way to use butter is baking cookies.

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  141. I like to use butter in baking.

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  143. Most of the butter in our house goes on popcorn. We LOVE buttered popcorn.

  144. fave way??? brown butter cookies!!!!!!!

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  148. I use butter most in baking.

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  151. Butter is great on corn on the cob, of course.

  152. Tweeted! :)

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  157. I use butter any way possible but love it most on bread mmmm

  158. Great facts about butter. I didn’t know it took 21 pounds of whole milk to make 1 pound of butter, wow! My favorite way to use butter is in baking.

  159. on toast :)

  160. I subscribed to you via email!

  161. I tweeted about your giveaway

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  165. I’ll use butter in a brown butter frosting. and baking if I’m not trying to watch the fat and calories.

  166. My favorite way to use butter…with a little bit of olive oil and salt on roasted veggies or with scrambled eggs. I think I need to check out the new butter. :)

  167. I follow you on Twitter and FB!

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  169. I love butter on toast! I mean, is there anything better?

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  171. What a fun time! Favorite use of butter? In biscuits. Or as a finishing touch for a sauce. Makes the world of a difference!

  172. I subscribe to your feed (on google reader)

  173. I use butter in both baking and cooking (as a final liaison). I’ve tried using substitutes but I just love the flavor, texture, and browning quality of real butter

  174. I love to use butter to saute veggies like fresh mushrooms or spinach. I don’t do it very often (usually use olive oil), but sometimes I splurge!

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  179. I like to use butter in all of my baking! Butter makes everything taste better!

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  181. Oh boy! Great giveaway! I like to use butter in cookies – mmmm.

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  186. i like to use butter on homemade noodles, and on saltine crackers

  187. What is your favorite way to use butter? = in baking (cookies or brownies)

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