I feel like I’m jumping on some sort of bandwagon.

I’m joining Lisa, Kristan, Jenny, DeborahKristy and Jen…. (did I miss anyone?)







…and announcing….I’m pregnant!

I don’t have any cute bump pictures, because the last thing I feel like right now is cute.

But E is cute! And I searched high and low for this shirt. It is how we announced it to her grandparents. Not the most original thing in the world, but they loved it. They were very surprised this time.

Here are some things that I had forgotten but quickly remembered:

  1. Pregnancy + gym smells = wishing I could hold my breath while working out.*
  2. I must keep a hair tie on my nightstand because I will need it in the morning.
  3. Meat = gross.
  4. Salad = eww.
  5. Macaroni and cheese? Spinach dip? POPCORN? Eggo Cinnamon Toast Waffles? All a-okay in my book.**
  6. After 8pm I am usually (read: 40% of the time) free from nausea but it doesn’t matter because all I want to do is sleep. Or eat popcorn.
  7. Carry mints in purse at. all. times. in case of nausea.
  8. I do not do well with blood draws. 5 tubes of blood leads to me pretty much passing out. I’m such a wuss!
  9. And a bunch of other stuff that isn’t appropriate for a food blog.
*I haven’t been to the gym much so #1 is not all that much of a problem. However, on the days I don’t feel like death, I’m trying to make it! For anyone who is counting, this has happened once. When I can, we still like to take walks in the evening so I’m not a total sloth.

**Do not fret, I am doing my best to eat a balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables and proteins. Fruit is the easiest of the three.


Things that are new this time:
  1. Food blogging = so hard. I don’t want to think about food much less cook it and write about it. Sorry I’ve been so absent. Hopefully this a) explains some things and b) will be better soon.
  2. Having a young kiddo around means trying to suck it up and act normal for her sake.
  3. My bump is popping out quickly!
  4. A 2.5 hour doctor’s visit with a 19 month old in tow is…well…interesting.
  5. And a bunch of other stuff that isn’t appropriate for a food blog.
Shall we do a “husband’s take” for this post?

“This is going to be quite the year.” <—Yes, yes it is.

“This is getting serious.” <—after I showed him the 2rd pregnancy test

“Now when you whine you have a reason.” <—No lie. He said this. He was joking. I think. He better have been!

“Tell me what you want for dinner and I’ll go get it. Anything.” <—Yay! That particular time, I chose Chipotle. Vegetarian burrito. Refer to #3 above regarding meat.

“I love pregnant Rachel, it is like an emotional roller-coaster.” <—Luckily I can laugh that one off…mainly because it is true. And he’s a good sport.

“When can we go viral with this?” <—Who does he think we are, Brad and Angelina? Newsflash, honey…about 10 people care.

Of course, he is thrilled. Over the moon. I think I’ve got the nervous/scared/freaking out* well enough covered…but I’m happy too. Another baby! EEEEE!

*omg omg omg omg omg we have to buy a new house omg omg omg we have to buy a new car omg omg omg omg I feel so sick omg omg omg I’m throwing up again? omg omg omg how am I going to handle two kids? omgggggggggggggggggg


So that’s that! I’m trying my hardest to maintain consistent blogging, but it has been tough! Hopefully 2nd trimester will be better…although it wasn’t with E. Thanks for being patient with me! :)


Oh! I’m due December 17th.