Food Blogging For Dummies Giveaway {rach reads & reviews}

I was super excited when Kelly from Just a Taste asked if I would like a copy of her new book to review.

Food Blogging For Dummies. I’ll let you put two and two together regarding why I need this book.

Also, Kelly’s blog is fabulous, full of great food and awesome photography, so I knew she was very knowledgable and capable of writing this type of book.

In other words, I trust her opinion.

And let me tell you, I was not disappointed. There is a TON of great info in this book. It is jammed-packed with everything you need to know about blogging about food. I can tell it is one of those books that is going to get worn to pieces from all the use it is going to receive.

I’m not pointing any fingers…but you need this book.


Week 2 of my book review series! Yay! Here we go…

The book’s stats:

  • Complete Title: Food Blogging for Dummies
  • Author: Kelly Senyei
  • Photos by: Kelly Senyei
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  • ISBN: 978-1-118-15769-5
  • List Price: 24.99 for paperback
  • 308 pages
  • Author’s bio: See Kelly’s bio here.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Whetting Your Appetite (The Many, The Proud; Finding Your Niche; Setting Up Shop)
  • Finding Your Voice (Is This Thing On?; Setting Your Content Menu; Branding Your Blog through Consistency and Frequency)
  • The Soup to Nuts of Design (The Lay of the Land; Your Blog’s Roadmap; Getting Your Garnish On)
  • Eating With Your Eyes (Food Photography Basics; Gathering Your Equipment and Tools; Styling and Photographing Food)
  • Marketing and Monetization (Super Marketing; Bringing Home the Bacon)
  • The Part of Tens (Ten Things to Know before Starting Your Food Blog; The Ten Hardest Foods to Photograph)
  • Index

Note: I realize some of those might sound a bit cryptic, but Kelly has covered everything in this book. From naming your blog (if you haven’t started a food blog yet, take it from me–this one is important!), to content, to length of posts, to frequency of posts, to widgets, badges and buttons. So much more, too!

Things I loved:

  • The huge amount of information provided.
  • The photos–from reading Kelly’s blog, I knew these would be great, so no surprise there.
  • The layout. It is a very user-friendly book.
  • The familiar faces! I saw Marla, Kalyn, Amanda, and more! Kelly uses a lot of examples to really make clear points.
  • Charts and Graphs. Not only because I’m a nerd, but also because it shows how much time and research Kelly put in while writing this book. It also shows that it is factually based, not just her opinions.
  • Fun little icons denoting Tips, Things to Remember, and Warnings. These make the book easy to navigate.

Things I wished were different (because I’m always going to give you my honest opinion!):

  • I wish I had this book in my hands the day I decided to start a food blog. It would have taken care of a lot of headaches.

Some things I learned just from QUICKLY flipping through it:

  • The optimal placement for a knife in a photo.
  • I learned more about Google Recipe View.
  • That I still have A LOT to learn.
  • I got some fun prop ideas for photos.

Interested? Purchase here. Or enter to win below!

GIVEAWAY DETAILS: One winner will be randomly chosen to receive a copy of Food Blogging For Dummies.

UPDATE: Giveaway has closed. Congrats to Erin B! Enjoy the book!

To enter (REQUIRED): If you are a food blogger, tell me what you would like to learn or improve. If you aren’t a food blogger, tell me why you would like this book. A gift for someone? Interested in starting a food blog?

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Disclosure: I was provided with a free copy of the book to review, but no other compensation. All opinions are, as always, 100% my own. Some links in this post are affiliate links.

PS: Congrats on the wonderful book, Kelly!!! I can’t wait to delve in deeper. I have my highlighter ready!

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  1. I’d love to improve my photography!

  2. I’m so in need of this book, my recipe blog is more of a recipe book list.

    As ever it’s always a joy to read your page Rachel and it was fab to hear from you over on Twitter too x

  3. I would like to improve my publicizing

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  5. I want to learn more about food photography.

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  8. I tweeted about this giveaway!

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  10. I definitely think I need to learn a little more about editing pictures – I can handle basic editing, but some of the bigger stuff still kicks my butt…

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  12. I’m starting a foodie blog and could use the help with photos!

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  20. I would love to have a copy. Have been thinking for a while I would like to have a personal blog for family and friends. But have been a little unsure about the whole thing and where to start.

  21. this book sounds wonderful–each of the sections sound incredibly helpful. i’m wanting it even more now that I’ve read your review of it!

  22. I’d give this as a gift to my daughter who has a food blog.

  23. Following Just a Taste on Twitter!

  24. I like your Facebook page!

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  27. I’d love to know how to reel in followers and keep them coming back!

  28. I am always looking for tips, especially on photography! Sounds like a great book!

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  35. I would love this book for myself. I don’t have a food blog yet, but have been wanting to create one for a while now to keep track of all the recipes I find and love!

  36. I’d love to improve photos & also ads/SEO.

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  38. I would like to learn to improve everything!

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  42. I followed you on twitter!

  43. I would like more info on the back end of my blog. I’m teaching myself and my boyfriend is helping me. But really I think it’s best for me to know what’s going on with all aspects of the blog so it can function at its best!

  44. I’ve always been toying with the idea of starting a blog but am totally overwhelmed with where to start! This would erase that excuse, that’s for sure! :) Thanks! :)

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  47. I have followed your new Twitter handle.

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  50. I am considering starting a blog that is exclusively devoted to food. I feel this book might help me as I consider whether or not to do that, and how to set it up.

  51. There’s a lot I need to learn about food blogging. I’ve always wanted a book like this to tell me the ins and outs. I guess some savvy people can figure out these kinds of things by themselves, but I’m not one of them!

  52. This would be great for either my grand-daughter or my youngest daughter.

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  55. I need to improve everything about my blog ;)

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  61. I would love to win this book because I feel that most of my food blogging has been self-taught and there are times when I find myself wondering, “what angle should these cookies be positioned in this photo.” I need help with photography!

  62. I’d love to get better and making food look pretty and taking pretty pictures. I can make it taste good, but presentation is important!

  63. From your Review of this book, I can learn a lot and they are so useful to me. I like to cook, maybe someday I start a food blog soon.


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  73. I’ve just started a blog but I’d love to know how to direct more traffic (than just family) to it. I also know nothing about photograph so I’d love to learn more about photos for blog posting too!

  74. I could use a bunch of tips…there’s always room for improvement!

  75. I’d love to improve my photography, but cannot afford a new camera at the moment:(

  76. There are so many things I still want to learn! Mostly photo stuff though I guess.

  77. tell me what you would like to learn or improve = learn more about the nuances of wordpress CSS code and style sheets, widgets, and the tech nitty gritty so if I have a problem I can fix it myself…ya, right :)

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  79. I’d love to learn more about the back end of my blog, tech stuff that bakers don’t know :P

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  82. I want to learn how to take better food photos, styling tips, how to write better and make my posts more interesting and personal. DEFINITELY need help with html, design, widgets, and buttons, and photoshop tips. Basically I just need this book!

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  87. I’d like to learn more about photography and food props!

  88. I am not a blogger, but am interested in the realm and want to learn more about same.

  89. Awesome!! I love this giveaway! Just liked on Facebook (I follow you both already on twitter) and I just tweeted about the giveaway :)

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  91. I’m read a lot of food blogs, and am considering starting one

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  93. Oh there’s so much I want to learn – like where to place the infernal fork and knife! Seriously, that question plagues me!
    And how to utilize social media better.

  94. I would love this book, I want to start a food blog. I have no idea where to start, this would be very helpful. Thanks for the chance to win.

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  101. I would love this book. Hello! Just the book title fits me. I’m just now starting out and I know there’s so so so much more for me to learn! (:

  102. I for sure need to do better photography on my food blog!

  103. Ohh do I need this book! The thing I would most like to improve is my food styling and photography.

  104. I don’t think I really need this book, I would rather read your blog than my own!

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  108. I really want to start a food blog myself! I love to bake and cook! I would love to be able to share some of my goodies with others and maybe inspire them to start their own blog:)

  109. Great review, Rachel! I am thoroughly enjoying the book and love the ideas that I have gotten so far. I, too, wish I would have had it the first time I pushed “publish”!

  110. I have liked “Just a Taste” on Fb.

  111. I have liked your new page on FB.

  112. I definitely could use this book. The biggest problem I have is food styling. I am seriously lacking in the creativity department, so all of my pics are of just the food, no props. I would love some help in that department.

    The day you announce the winner is my birthday; wouldn’t that be the best birthday surprise? :)

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  116. Oh wow…this giveaway came at the perfect time. I’m not a blogger, but I’ve been contemplating starting a blog for a while. This book would be an invaluable resource.

  117. Actually I am a book blogger who is thinking about tying food into my reviews! I am really interested in this book and seeing the best ways to combine the two :)

  118. I would like to learn about object placement and lighting optimization.

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  123. I am so getting this book! I always love reading about photography tips, idea and styling. This looks like a great read.

  124. I’d like to learn how to put those little twitter, pinterest, and facebook icons on my homepage. I have no idea how to put them there!!

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