Life Lately…

….has been crazy.






We’ve had sad. A stroke. A beautiful child taken from us far too early. Heart attacks.

We’ve had happy. Families growing closer together. Leaving the acute care hospital. Quick progress in rehab.

We’ve had answers to prayers. Survival.  Transfer to one of the best rehab hospitals in the state. Things falling into place.

We’ve had cafeteria food. Good, bad, ugly.

We’ve spent time in waiting rooms.

We’ve had tears.

We’ve had laughs.

We’ve had more time in waiting rooms.

We’ve had carry-out. A lot of carry-out. A lot of ribs.

We’ve spent a lot of time driving.

Really a lot of time driving. (Strategically placed during naps.)

We’ve tried to keep things as normal as possible.

And we were happy to see our little one adapt and come out of her shell a bit.

And I would just like to say thank-you (again) for all of your support, prayers, words of encouragement, and guest posts. It means the world to me and my family. My father-in-law still has a long road to recovery but is progressing wonderfully thanks to prayers from friends like you.

(PS: Please forgive all the terrible cell phone pictures. I hope it does not detract from my daughter’s unbelievable cuteness.)


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  1. Don’t worry, the iPhone photos absolutely do not distract from your daughter’s beautiful smile!

    I’m so sorry your life is set in crazy mode.

    I’m praying for you–praying for calm, rest, reassurance, and peace.


  2. Wow Rachel. Just wow. What a heart breaking couple of weeks. Of course that precious daughter of yours hopefully eases some of it. Know that I’ve been thinking about you even though I’ve been somewhat out of the picture. xo

  3. I’m sorry it’s been so hard lately, Rachael. Hoping things are starting to look up. (I’m a few days behind reading posts due to my own whirlwind lately.)

  4. So sorry to hear about all the sadness. Glad you have your gorgeous little one to keep you sane and smiling!

  5. She is the cutest thing EVER. I cannot imagine losing a little one. It makes me realize just how fortunate I am! My heart goes out to your cousin. Glad to hear that things are going as well as they can for your FIL and everyone is coping. Virtual hugs aren’t as good as the real thing, but *hugs*. I hope he continues to improve and life can get back to normal for you guys.

  6. So sorry for all of sadness and crisis that has touched you, but thankful that you have love and support around you to guide you through…and those beautiful, spirit-healing smiles! Wishing you happier healthier days ahead! :)

  7. Many hugs and prayers to you. I can’t imagine your cousin’s loss right now. Really you all need some time to just rest. Your daughter is precious. Children have a way of helping us through the rough days/weeks.

  8. What an adorable little girl! Sorry to hear all you have been going through, I hope life can return to normal soon!

  9. What a little cutie! Just like her Momma! Glad things are looking up for your Father in law and I will keep your family in my prayers.

  10. I’m so glad things are starting to look up for you and your family. Much love and prayers being sent your way…also, lots of virtual hugs :) Love you!

  11. Adorable pictures! I have been praying for you and Ben and Ben’s parents. And so sad for Megan- can’t imagine the pain. Love you!

  12. Sorry to hear about all that has been going on, it all happened at once. I had 4 family members in the hospital this past Oct., all within a week so I know how you feel. Life is very precious and I’m glad that you are taking the time to enjoy your loves ones and your adorable cutie pie!

    I’m so sorry for your friend’s loss, I can’t even imagine what she and your family are going through! I lost my brother but he was 26 yrs old, young and starting his life but not as young as your friend’s daughter. Either way, a loss of a loved one hurts and I send my condolences to the little girls family. Wishing you better things to come! :)

  13. What a happy cutie! So wonderful that prayers are being answered with positive progress.

  14. Glad your father-in-law is recovering and is getting the therapy he needs. Such adorable pictures of your daughter. Thank you for sharing. I love the one where she’s sleeping in the car. My daughters slept well on road trips and it was good on cranky nights, putting them in the car for a restful ride. :)

  15. Continuing to send prayers – and that is one cute baby!

  16. Sending more positive thoughts your way for brighter, cheerier, and healthier days.

  17. Oh my goodness…so sorry life has thrown your family a curve ball. Praying for healing and that things will somehow get back to normal for you.

    • Thank you. The plus side is that we get to spend some time with my family in GR while my FIL is at Mary Free Bed. And of course eat at all my favorite places! So far I’ve been to Yesterdog, Wealthy Street Bakery, and Cherry Street Deli. Mangiamos is on my list, and I want to try the Electric Cheetah. Am I missing anything? ;)

  18. The pics are adorable–what a sweetie! So glad to hear things are improving!

  19. I’m so happy things are looking up for your FIL. I hope you’ll have a year full of happiness from this point on. Sweet little girl is always there to cheer you up when times get tough :)

  20. oh I’m so sorry for everything your family has been going through. I pray that God gives you and your family comfort and peace! I’m glad to see you back and to see pictures of your adorable daughter :)

  21. Rachel, so glad to see the update from you! What a difficult season this has been for you and your family. Continued prayers… {hugs}

  22. Nothing could detract from your daughter’s undeniable cuteness. :) I am glad things are getting back on track for you and your family. I am equally happy that your father-in-law is recovering. So sad for the loss of the little one. That is heartbreaking. Take care and glad to have you back…I’m sure you are very glad to have a little less crazy.

  23. Your daughter is beautiful! Love the bathtub photo.

  24. Lots of hugs and smiles to you!! All the pics of your daughter are wonderful, but that last one is just the sweetest ever!! We were just watching a video last night of our girls from 3 years ago; they were 2 and 4 at the time and it just makes me tear up thinking how much they’ve already grown and changed. Good tears…but I miss their little pudgy cheeks!! LOVE to you, my friend! xoxoxo

  25. You could be taking your daughter’s picture with a Flinstone camera and she’d still be as cute as a button! (why do ppl say this? it’s not like buttons are so cute…) She’s adorable!

  26. adorable pictures and my thoughts are always with you and your family & i hope the road to recovery continues brings joy and happiness to you all <3

  27. My thoughts are very much with you all. It really has been an awful few months for you but I’m glad that there have been some happier times too. And yes, your daughter really is unbelievably cute.

  28. She is just beautiful! I love the smiles! I hope things continue to get better!

  29. When I first read this, I thought for a second your child was taken from you. Then I thought your child had a stoke. Now I realize it was a friend’s child (my deepest, deepest sympathies…I cannot even begin to I type this with tears on my face) and that it was your father in law who had the stroke. My goodness, you have been through so much. Please know you are in my prayers!

    • Oh my gosh I can see how it might sound that way! It was my cousin’s 4-year-old. I haven’t stopped thinking about her for a second. I can’t even imagine what she is going through–it is every parent’s worst nightmare.

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