My mom gave me an old cookbook from 1924 and we read it together.

And laughed until we cried.

So…I felt as though I should share with you. Let me introduce you to Priscilla. She told me I could call her by her first name.

I hope it is okay that I print some of the recipes here because this little darlin’ was copyrighted in 1924 in Great Britain AND THE COLONIES. (How cool is that? Or am I just a nerd?)

Priscilla has some advice for you to keep you from adding considerable strain to your busy mind:

Are you “pretending” to keep eggs on hand even though your cupboard is destitute?

What about the luxury of mushrooms? No biggie–just substitute celery, no one will notice! (?!?!?!!?!?!?!)

Okay here comes the REALLY fun part. Check out the great recipes included in this book:

This is not to be confused with COOKED peach soup, which I’m sure would be just as disgusting.

Why did I not think of combining those ingredients?

Yummy, right? Make sure you leave it in the salt and ice long enough!

Can someone explain to me how this is different from….bacon? Please tell me you didn’t need a recipe for this!

I have no words.

Like cranberry sauce in a can…only peaches…and frozen!

In case you don’t like peaches. But don’t forget the oil dressing, grated cheese, paprika and saltines.

I actually kind of want to try this one….

I want to like it…sugar…butter…but I just can’t!

Again–maybe this one is worth trying?

There are plenty of others that make me raise an eyebrow. Or two. Because I can’t just raise one. I’ve always wanted to but my face won’t cooperate. Anyways…

Are those anything like cow plops?

Two words that should never go together?

“Hey baby, I’m a little strapped for cash–can you pay for dinner?”

Yep, no words for this one either.

But no alcohol?

So not PC.

Better than what?


I’ll let you make your own caption for this one.

Are you wondering where the PRUNES are?

Are you thinking, wow I wish I had some prune recipes?

Don’t you worry! Priscilla has you covered!

Isn’t that great? Definitely keeping this one around for a while. Who knows, maybe you’ll see that carrot fondant pop up again sometime.

Do you have any old-school recipes that you love or your family members love? Do any of the above recipes sound appealing to you?