It is 2012. So hard to believe. (Yes, I know it’s been 2012 for nine days. I’m a little slow–what are you going to do?) Every year begins with a resolution for many people. Our Virtual Potluck crew decided that we would kick off a new project called “Build a Better Me” in order to stay focused on eating healthy ALL YEAR. No specific requirements or scheduled posts, just a group of bloggers committed to improving the way they eat and live.

For some, this might mean losing weight. For others, it may not. We want to focus on putting healthy, nutritious foods into our bodies.

Don’t worry. There will still be cookies. And cake. And chocolate.

Lots of chocolate.

Oh and bacon. And probably definitely frosting.

We’re kicking off our project this month but you’ll be seeing this logo again along with some giveaways (as always) and some helpful tips for eating healthy. And since I’m a physical therapist, I might throw in an exercise post here and there. (Would y’all be interested in that?) 

Also, feel free to grab the logo and join us! Send any of us your links and we’ll be happy to share them. Here are some of my health-related goals for the upcoming year (and every year for that matter):

  1. Drink less the same amount of (let’s be realistic here) coffee and much more water.
  2. Eat fruits and vegetables at every meal. Including breakfast.
  3. Be better about eating in moderation. One cookie–then send the rest off to work with hubs.
  4. Exercise more. MUST. DO. THIS.
  5. Eat less meat. I’m far from a vegetarian and hubs is really, really, really, really far from vegetarian, but I would like to eat less meat. Just to give it a try to see how I feel. It also gives me a new cooking challenge because I’ll still be making meaty meals for hubs so it will be fun to see how I can make two different meals out of the same general concept.

What are your goals for the year?

Here are the other Virtual Potluck peeps participating–follow along for healthy recipes and tips. Don’t forget you can also keep up with Virtual Potluck on Twitter and Facebook.

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Don’t forget to check out Katrina’s cookies that she is sharing here today. She says they’re healthy because they don’t have frosting. I’ll buy that reasoning!