Rustic Ramekin Pecan Pies with Bourbon

It’s story time!

Pull up your carpet square and open your ears (or eyes I guess in this case).

Once upon a time, in a mystical place called internet-land, a girl named Rachel (me) came across a blog called Bev Cooks. This Bev has magical cooking and photography powers and the ability to make you laugh each time you stumble upon her piece of internet-land. 

So the young and beautiful princess (just go with me here) named Rachel returned day after day to see what Bev had conjured up. 

One day…a cloudy, rainy day just before Thanksgiving, Rachel spotted a recipe for pecan pie

In ramekins.

With bourbon.

Could it be? 

So Rachel tried to channel Bev’s magical cooking powers and recreate these in her very own kitchen. Rachel’s husband says, “But I do not like pecan pie.” 

Rachel says, “Oh that’s nice, but I’m going to try this recipe anyways. IT HAS BOURBON IN IT!”

So into the kitchen she goes.

Pots and pans fly.

Measuring cups fill up…and empty. 

An oven gets heats.

And 35 minutes later….POOF!


Turns out bourbon really does make everything better.

Turns out Rachel’s husband does like pecan pie.

The end.

Was that anti-climatic?  Oh well. Follow this link and make this recipe. Stat! It would be perfect for Christmas dinner! Send me some while you’re at it.


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  2. I pulled up a pillow and enjoyed your story! I have to say, OH MY YUM:-) Those are perfect little individual pies:-) I bet there was happiness everywhere, and happy tummies:-) Hugs, Terra

  3. What a perfect ending to this fairy tale, b/c you’re right, bourbon really does make everything better. :-)

  4. Pecan pie is such a wonderful, comfort food and I love how you made these inside ramekins. Simply delicious looking. Great post

  5. I voted! How many times can I vote? :)

  6. I liked pecan pie until I tried Deb’s pecan Frangipane pie. Its killed all other forms of pecan pie. Bourbon makes everything better, but at my house I would have to add chocolate chips to the mix.

    • This version has chocolate chips too! Mine aren’t present in the picture because they were forming a delicious layer of goodness at the bottom of each pie.

  7. This my friend looks like the best dessert ever! I love PECAN PIE!!! Swoon!!


  8. Cute post! And what a great recipe… would be super neat to do these for a dinner party. PS ~ I’m all about pushing my hubby to try new things too. :-)

  9. Those are adorable and look delicious!

  10. I love perfect portion sized desserts! I recommend this to my clients when they are trying to watch their portions!

  11. Wow… you had me at pecan pie… the fact that there’s bourban as well is just magnificent! And they looks so cute and perfect :)

  12. Looks lovely. And I just love the individual ramekin servings.

  13. I love a good story :) This pie looks amazing, love anything in ramekins! And BOURBON!!!

  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe! Everything is so much better smaller & individually sized :)

  15. Ahahah, I love that story, and Bev, and you. AND bourbon! I mean…what? Today hasn’t been a bourbon-inducing day or anything, nonono.

  16. Awesome! So funny. I love it when we can expand our hubby’s foodie repertoire!

  17. You can adopt the infamous Paula Dean quote “Butter makes it better.” To “Bourban makes it better.”

  18. Mmmm, this looks divine! I love individual size desserts. So cute and festive!

  19. I love this so much!! The carpet square reference had me cracking up!! The pies look delish too – love it!!

  20. I like story time :) And I love that these are personal portions!

  21. Very clever post! Looks good even though I don’t think I like pecan pie either.

  22. mmm, can’t beat pecan pie, these look so good!

  23. Aaaah! I’m so glad you made it! And why do I need a shot of bourbon right now? Shhhh.

  24. Bev’s pecan pie totally had me at the word…bourbon :)

    I would love to eat pie and drink bourbon with you two girls!

  25. I love Bev! Haha, she’s so funny. That’s great that she inspired you to make this pecan pie w/bourbon. Gotta love that shot of alcohol in our meals ;) I saw this this morning when I woke up and literally jaw dropped and started craving some pecan pie w/bourbon. Looks so good, Rachel!!

  26. Awee..perfect crust and the dessert looks yum!

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