Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone has a safe and fun time today.

Are you celebrating? If so, how?

Do you dress up? Or, what are your kids dressing up as?

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  2. OMG! How cute you BOTH are!

  3. CUTE!!!!!! They are such a fun age right now!

  4. She’s so cute Rachel, love the costume!

  5. I meant to say baby hungry. I’m so smart.

  6. This post makes me very hungry. My husband may be blaming you in 9 months…

  7. Absolutely adorable! Have a very Happy Halloween.

  8. She’s beautiful! I’m an empty nester now so I just get to watch everyone else go out trick-or-treating with their kids. Oh, how I miss it. Enjoy your little girl this evening. These moments are priceless!

  9. What a cute kitten! Great pics!!

    Halloween is so much more fun with kids! :)

  10. Thanks for posting the great pictures! Grandma was hoping we’d see some Halloween dress up pictures. I love the kitty costume!
    Kisses to all of you!

  11. Oh my gosh! I am drooling over the cute baby shots. The costume is adorable, the baby is so cheek pinchable (I actually never do that…don’t worry) and you look great as well. Have a very happy Halloween today. I’ve been out of town with very little electronics…iphone only and have a lot of blogs to catch up on !

  12. SO cute!!! I just want to give her a big hug and kiss XO. Love that neice of mine!

  13. What a little cutie!! She will be sure to snag all the treats tonight, I am sure. My son is going as Perry the Platypus (from Phineus and Ferb).

  14. Holy cuteness!! I miss my girls being that age :( But 5 & 7 are fun ages, too. We’re going to a neighborhood party then a tractor/hayride around the neighborhood for trick-or-treating. The hardest part was deciding what spooky appetizer to bring :-) I’m not dressing up but I’m wearing a black wig and black spackeled nail polish with glow-in-the-dark polish showing through the cracks.

    Happy Halloween!! xoxo

  15. Oh my goodness, how cute! Isn’t this age so much fun!!! My twins are going to be Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. :)

  16. Your baby girl is ADORABLE!!! Oh cherish this time…. My “babies” are growing too fast. My oldest has been wavering as to whether or not he will dress up tonight. :-) Have fun!

  17. Love the costume on your sweet baby! My girls are going as a lady bug and a duck! :) We all can’t wait for candy! Have a great day with your family!

  18. Such a cutie!! Happy Halloween :)


  20. Oh How precious! I love her outfit and she is just gorgeous- like her mother:) My son is dressing up as a fireman. A friend of ours have him a real life firefighter outfit for his 2 yr b-day back in the spring. We took some pics of him at the firehouse and the firefighters were actually in awe of his outfit! LOL! Have a great night!

  21. Adorable! We didn’t dress up our little one (not really big fans of Halloween, so we do the bare minimum!), but our three-year-old dressed up for preschool and was the prettiest little butterfly.

  22. Oh my GOSH I can’t handle the cute. I hope you have a wonderful Halloween!! Take lots of pictures. :)

  23. CUTE! What fun! My little guy will be a monkey. Big guy is Optimus Prime…well sorta. He refuses to wear the mask! lol

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