Emeril’s One Pot Blogging Party: Deep Dish Pizza

Emeril’s book, Sizzling Skillets and Other One-Pot Wonders was released yesterday.

Here’s what I want you to do:

    1. Go buy the book.
    2. Turn to page 61.
    3. Cook this pizza.
    4. Stuff your face like I did so we can be fat together.

I’m eating leftovers for breakfast right now. I wish I was kidding.

Last night, my husband said, “It’s healthy though, right?”
I tried not to laugh in his face as I replied with, “Well, it has a lot of vegetables in it, but that’s about all it has going for it.”


Some other disclaimers:
  1. My photos DO NOT do this pizza justice. I was starving and it was raining which together results in a “I don’t give a you-know-what” attitude. I also probably removed it from the pan too early (did I mention I was starving?). And the pictures of the pizzas still in the pans were taken straight out of the oven, all the extra moisture on top kind of incorporates after it sits for 10-15 minutes. Alright. I’m through making excuses for my cruddy pictures.
  2. This “One Pot Wonder” requires FIVE pots and pans. Worth every one of them, even if they aren’t dishwasher safe.
  3. This recipe makes a lot. If there are only two of you and you don’t want TONS of leftovers, I’d suggest halving the recipe. You could make the whole batch of sauce and freeze half of it.



The great part of this recipe is that you can customize it by adding the toppings you like. You could even make it vegetarian if you’re into that sort of thing! His recipe included hot Italian sausage, mushrooms, pepperoni, green bell pepper, and olives. I used pepperoni (although, far less than he recommended), diced ham, mushrooms, and red and orange bell peppers.
The other great part of this recipe is the sauce! Oh my yum. So tasty. I left out his fennel seeds because I’m not wild about them, but this sauce really made this pizza what it is. It is well worth the time it takes (which is very little actual hands-on time).



Verdict: I think I’ve covered this. 1) I’m eating it for breakfast. 2) Worth FIVE pots and pans, plus other dishes and I hate doing dishes. 3) Did I mention I’m eating this for breakfast?And probably dinner tonight too.
Husband’s take: He said, “This might be the best pizza I’ve ever had.” He said it reminded him of a pizza sub he used to eat at a small Italian restaurant growing up. I love when food brings back great memories. That’s how you know you’ve hit a home run.
Changes I would make: Next time I’m halving the recipe or inviting you over for dinner.
Difficulty: Well….I bought my pizza dough. So that makes it easier. I was going to make my own, but Emeril’s calls for semolina flour and I couldn’t for the life of me find it. I looked in a few different stores. I realize I probably could have used a different recipe, but give me a break, I’ve been busy!
PS: These pictures make me want to cry. Please don’t let them stop you from making this pizza.
Full disclosure: For my commitment to this blogger cooking party, I received a copy of this cookbook, as well as a set of Emeril – by zak! Table Art 7-piece Flame-Shaped Serving Bowls, and Emeril Seasoning; a $50 grocery reimbursement and Emeril cookbooks upon completion of the party. The top performing blogger, as selected by T-Fal, will be awarded an Emeril by T-Fal Slow Cooker. You will be eligible to win a copy of the cookbook, as well as the 7-piece zak! set (stick around to hear more about those two things). All opinions about the book and recipes, as always, are my own.
When you make a recipe from my site tag it with #RachelCooks!
I love to see what you're creating!


  1. Ok these pictues are NOT bad! The crust looks delicious and I can see a bunch of oozing melty cheese and well, in my world, that’s food porn. I also love that you’re eating this for breakfast because pizza is the single most perfect breakfast in the world!

  2. Y’know what, sometimes the most delicious foods in the world just do not photograph well. And even if they do, sometimes they’re too darn delicious to wait to take pretty pictures of them.

    By the way, I’m in love with the commentary on this post. :-P

  3. That crust looks amazing! And coming from Chicago, I know deep dish!

  4. The pizza looks awesome! I’m generally not an Emeril fan but seeing the delicious dishes you have cooked from this book have me curious.

  5. I love your style of writing, it makes me feel like we’re sitting at your kitchen table. One of the great benefits of this blogger party — finding foodie friends :)

  6. I really think I need this book, yum!

  7. Can I have this for breakfast? It looks AMAZING!

  8. I don’t think I’ll have time to get this one made for the party, but it won’t be long after, especially after reading your post! I want to come and join you in eating leftover pizza for breakfast :)

  9. Whoa! I want that pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Looks so delicious and a great way to load up on veggies! I’m over-loaded with cook books buttttt I maybe just have to buy one more to add to the collection….shhh, don’t tell my husband, ha!

  10. Don’t cry! Your pictures are good enough to make me want to try this (and I don’t eat much pizza these days).

  11. I don’t normally like thicker crusts but I love how this looks!

  12. I loved all the recipes that you made of his – havent tried them but they look amazing. Is the book worth getting?

    • Honestly, yeah. I was skeptical of some of the recipes at first, but I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve made. And the one-pot aspect of it is awesome. There is a huge variety of recipes in the book, so I think there is definitely something for everyone.

  13. Oh.My.Lord. Looks incredible! Nothing says Sunday Football like deep dish pizza…I must try this!

  14. First of all, these pics ain’t bad…as long as it tasted good, that’s what matters. Second, it totally cracks me up with these one pot meals that use more than one pot. Thanks for your verdict. I’m putting this in my bookmarked pile!

  15. I have to make this. Your description certainly does the pizza justice even if you are not all together happy with your photos. Must buy the book! :) Happy Hump day. I keep repeating…I CAN make it to Friday…I CAN make it to Friday. Take care Rachel!

  16. Can you invite me over? :) I’m loving it!

  17. I NEED this cookbook! I want to eat this pizza now. Hubby is a HUGE pizza guy, he would love it!

  18. That looks like my kind of pizza! We live a long way from a pizza place, so I make homemade pizza pretty regularly. I will have to try this one. And your pictures are fine! Made me want it!

  19. That sounds like some amazing pizza! Too funny though that it took so many pots and pans. I hear you on just wanting to eat your pizza-sometimes you just gotta eat and forget about getting the perfect photo!

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  21. Beer and deep dish? Looks like the perfect dinner to me!

  22. This does look fantastic and I’m with you – pizza is always great cold for breakfast. And why can’t you share this recipe?

    • Vicki, I SO wish I could share the recipe. It was one of the stipulations of the Emeril blogging party, we only had three recipes we could share. I’m going to contact the PR people and see if we can share more recipes now that the book is released.

      • Rachel, I guess I came in a little after you must had mentioned that. Totally understandable. Dorie Greenspan does the same thing with her French Fridays with Dorie and her Baking site as well. It’s a way to get people to purchase their books.

        Don’t worry about it. You don’t want to rock the boat. The pizza does look really, really good. I’m sure it would have been better than the bran flakes with blueberries I just ate.

        Have a great day!

  23. I’m sad you didn’t share the recipe! I would have enjoyed trying it!

    I would love to have the opportunity to do a sponsored post like this. Do you have any tips for me? Is there an organization that I should join?

    • I stumbled upon this opportunity through Twitter. I didn’t think that I would actually get chosen but I applied anyways, and lo and behold! I guess that is really my only tip, just to keep your feelers out there on Twitter and Facebook. And I wish I could share the recipe with you all! I’m going to try and contact the PR people and see if I may, now that the book is released.

  24. The pictures look great!!! I’ve never had a deep dish kinda pizza…but uhh…I will now! Your post cracked me up!

  25. There’s no a thing wrong with your pictures! They make me want to pick it up and eat it! This does sound like a wonderful pizza. Great critic and recipe adjustments/description! YUM!

  26. Oh that pizza, oh god. the damage it would do to my waistline. SO GOOD!!

  27. Next time you make this recipe you can and should invite us over for dinner! (How far a trip is it from NJ?)
    Your disclaimers aside, the photos do convey just how delicious looking this pizza looks. I make pizza on my pizza stone, but its always thin crust. I’ve been meaning to make a nice deep dish or sicilian awhile now but just never made the effort. This post now has me inspired to make the effort. (PS – I’d totally eat pizza for breakfast!)

  28. I LOVE deep dish pizza! And really, your pictures are not that bad. Love the humor in your posts!

  29. This could totally break my cake for breakfast habit and turn me into a full on pizza eating fiend. Looks amazing, and the pictures look delicious; it’s hard to make pizza look bad.

  30. Looks fantastic, Rachel! Homemade pizza is the best!

  31. hahaha i like step 4 – i feel a little alone in the fat brigade at the moment! might have to swing by for a pizza party so we can be pigs together :) that melted cheesy goodness looks irresistable!

  32. My husband isn’t a big fan of deep dish pizza, but at this point I think he’d go for it, just because it’s an Emeril recipe. He’s turning into a real fan.

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