Silent Sunday: Taking After Her Momma


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  2. Adorable cake, she is SO cute. Love how seriously she’s contemplating the cake in some of those pictures. Like…’what the heck IS THIS?’

  3. These pictures are just too cute! The cake is just as adorable (okay, almost) as the birthday girl!

  4. that middle picture on the second to bottom row should be in a magazine;) They are all TOO precious! Happy #1!

  5. This is simply too adorable. It sure looks like she’s going to be a dessert girl! I hope the party was wonderful. :) Happy (belated) Birthday to your daughter!!

  6. Rachel: The pix of E and her cake are so cute. Ben attended her party. I meant to send a gift for E with him but due to my husband’s fight for his life it slipped and I didn’t get it to him. He will bring it next time he sees you all. It is a children’s book I wrote on building self-esteem in children. She is a little too young now but she will grow into it. If she like music it also has a CD with the music & lyrics I wrote to go along with the book. It is a sing-a-long.
    I really enjoy your blog and keep it up. Love, Eloise

    • Eloise, you are too kind! You did not have to get her a present, especially given your husband’s situation. That is so sweet and thoughtful of you. Ben and I talked for awhile about your husband, I’ll be praying for a quick recovery for him and strength for you. That book sounds fabulous, I didn’t know you wrote! She LOVES to sing. Every time music comes on, she starts “singing.” Take care! Thanks for reading my blog.
      PS: I hope you don’t mind, I edited your comment to remove my daughter’s name. I’m trying to keep her profile low on the internet.

  7. Cute (the cake and the kid!) My 2010 baby is an E too, Eva. I hope your pops turned out well.

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