BLT Risotto (or PST Risotto)

UPDATE (7/22/2011): This giveaway is closed. The winner is JoeyfromSC! Congrats—check your email!

I realize that is the longest title of a blog post ever. I have no excuses, I had a lot to say. Deal with it. At least it includes the word “giveaway,” so I better not hear any complaints!

When I got my copy of Sizzling Skillets and One-Pot Wonders by Emeril Lagasse, I knew right away I would make this recipe. I love BLT sandwiches. I mean, I really, really love BLTs. Especially in the summer time with a thick, juicy, beefsteak tomato. Yum! And risotto? Who doesn’t love risotto? Comfort in a bowl. I knew the two combined would be a winner.

Since I had some left-over pancetta from the bolognese, I decided to sub out the bacon for pancetta. Other ingredients included in this risotto are white wine, chicken stock, Parmigiano-Reggiano, fresh thyme, spinach, and tomatoes. Oh, and butter. Can’t go wrong with any of those ingredients. So that is where PST comes from. It isn’t really a BLT, since there isn’t bacon or lettuce in my version. Pancetta-Spinach-Tomato. Yum! Might also stand for Pretty Sure it’s Tasty.  Perhaps Sort of Tantalizing. Was that too much of a stretch? You’re probably thinking Please Stop That.

Is it also a stretch to say it is healthy because it includes spinach and tomatoes? It definitely isn’t the most unhealthy thing you could eat.

I’ll move on. Emeril’s recipe (which again, I can’t share with you–so sorry! Book giveaway coming.) called for crisping up the bacon and then adding everything else in and cooking the bacon in with the risotto the entire time. I’m sure this yields incredible flavor to the risotto, but I love my bacon (pancetta in my case) crispy. So after I fried it, I took it out of the pan and added it back in at the end. Personal preference. Also, to be fair, this recipe required two pots. One to keep the broth warm and one to cook the risotto in. But, it is completely worth dirtying two pans for. Promise.

Note: This skillet? Very, very close to being too small for this dish. Things were touch-and-go for awhile. A few beautiful pieces of pancetta were lost when  they went overboard and fell onto the stovetop.

*moment of silence*

Just kidding. I threw them back in and now they’re in my belly. I’m not sure which fate is worse. Well we are on the topic of eating, this makes a TON, just like all the recipes in this book, but it is great left over.

So now on to the giveaway! UPDATE (7/22/2011): This giveaway is closed. The winner is JoeyfromSC! Congrats—check your email!

Giveaway Details:

Giveaway includes one set of Emeril Flames 7 peice serving set. Pictures of dishes are from It is a really fun set, it can be configured a number of different ways to showcase different foods.
-Only open to US residents (Sorry!)
-Begins now (Ready set GO!) and ends….Wednesday 9/21/11. I’ll pick a winner Thursday morning.

Here’s what you have to do:

Comment on this post! Tell me which Emeril dish looks best so far (from my blog or others!), or just say hello. Tell me how happy you are that it is Friday.

To earn extra entries (make sure to leave a separate comment for each):

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That’s up to 10 (!) chances to win! Enter by Wednesday night (9/21)  and I’ll choose a winner using on Thursday morning (9/22). Good luck!

Just for fun, here’s a video of the bowls (and Emeril)  in action:

Full disclosure: For my commitment to this blogger cooking party, I received a copy of this cookbook, as well as a set of Emeril – by zak! Table Art 7-piece Flame-Shaped Serving Bowls, and Emeril Seasoning; a $50 grocery reimbursement and Emeril cookbooks upon completion of the party. The top performing blogger, as selected by T-Fal, will be awarded an Emeril by T-Fal Slow Cooker. You will be eligible to win a copy of the cookbook, as well as the 7-piece zak! set (stick around to hear more about those two things). All opinions about the book and recipes, as always, are my own.


When you make a recipe from my site tag it with #RachelCooks!
I love to see what you're creating!


  1. LOL on picking my favorite Emeril dish, whenever I see one, I think, “Wow, this is the best one yet,” and then I see another and think the same thing. I have to say this risotto of yours is topping the charts right now as we love BLT and any combination thereof! Friday…YAHOO…almost time for college football and tailgating, what’s not to love about that combination? Your post is wonderful, love the photos.

  2. Sounds great. Love the idea of keeping the bacon, uh, pancetta crispy. I think yours was a Positively Stunning Take on Emeril’s dish :)

  3. Forgot to say – don’t include me in giveaway.

  4. I am all over risotto dishes! They are actually the number one thing I am looking forward to cooking once it cools down. And this BLT Risotto looks AMAZING! Can’t wait to see the recipe. :)

  5. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. I am looking for more one pot family meals.

  6. A favorite. I have visited several of you lucky ones selected to try out Em’s new book and it is impossible to choose. They all look FANTASTIC!!! Trust Emeril.

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  11. I think the True Bolognese sounds wonderful!

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  20. i would LOVE the recipe for this—I’m drooling! I want it almost as much as I want to win the giveaway :)

  21. also, i follow you on twitter now :)

  22. Pretty sure there’s nothing better in the fall than risotto and this recipe looks so rich and amazing. Beautiful pics too!

  23. Hi! :) I am in love with that white bean soup you posted from the Emeril book…it’s dancing in my head like sugar plums on Christmas.

  24. I do indeed follow you on Twitter.

  25. Definitely also rely on my daily dose of blog in my RSS feed!

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  29. And following The Secret Ingredient on Twitter. Whew!!

  30. This look delicious! I really need you to move to New York so I can eat all your delicious cooking…think about…ok? :)

  31. The risotto looks delish!

  32. I follow your blog via google reader.

  33. Today is rainy and cool – perfect for this dish! It looks incrediable!

  34. The dish that looks so yummy that I have bookmarked from Emeril is the White Bean soup. It looks so unbelievable flavorful!!! I can’t wait to make it.

  35. I follow you on Facebook

  36. This risotto looks so delicious! It’s on my list, but with a wedding this weekend, it will have to wait, ugh. I love the idea of using the pancetta, great sub. Hope your party is a hit this weekend!

  37. Mmmm…mmm…mmm! All your recipes have looked delicious so far but I think the Tuscan White Bean Soup looks like one I would try to make. And oh I am SO happy that its Friday! Fun post today :)

  38. I am a Rachael follower on FaceBook too.

  39. And I have you on my RSS feed-love your posts.

  40. I actually “liked” Emeril on FaceBook too- the video was fun and I did hear him say it would be perfect for out by the pool….

  41. I saw the PST and instantly thought of Pacific Standard Time. I’m a nerd!

  42. Loving the blt risotto

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  52. This one is definitely on my to-do list, though it might be after the party ends. Your take sounds really, really good!

  53. I am subscribed to your blog by email :) Would love to win this cookbook… love Emeril!!

  54. I have to say the risoto looks amazing!Woot about Friday by the way.

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  64. It’s so fun seeing what recipes everyone is making. This risotto looks great (and leave me out of the giveaway).

  65. Hey! lol..I am SO happy I found your blog(added you on fbook too and subscribed)

    I love your amazing..I also love to cook & love Emeril! Thank you for the chance to win!


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    Joey J.


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  74. I love risotto! I think this is my favorite Emeril recipe yet :)

  75. Wow – how can I choose just one – they all look so good! I keep coming back to your risotto though. I need this cookbook!! I don’t know how long I can wait to make this dish. YUM

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  80. Now here’s a version of risotto that I’ve never heard of. Sounds great!

  81. hi there! thanks for the giveaway and the opportunity

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  86. I have a few Emeril cookbooks, and love them all. And it looks like I need to add this one to my collection after seeing this recipe!

  87. Emeril’s Bolognese… i love a good bolognese sauce

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  95. And finally i subscribed to your email list. I do not envy the work you have to do to put this list together

  96. Oh my gosh, this looks fantastic…especially with the pancetta and spinach. I think you “kicked it up a notch!” BAM! Ok…I am getting carried away. I love your photos! Especially that first one…should been on FoodGawker or somethin’. Had a good laugh over your PST lingo. Take care and relax today. :)

  97. The risotto looks beautiful. Yum on that one.

  98. This one! Risotto is one of my favorite dishes, and bacon is my all time favorite ingredient so it wins!

  99. The risotto looks amazing.

  100. This risotto looks so good! My favorite has to be the Bolognese though!

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