Cake Pops, Round 2

It’s Round Two of battle Rachel vs. Cake Pops. (Here’s Round 1.)

I think I lost.

BUT! I will not lose when I make these for my daughter’s birthday. I’m determined. It may lead me to a nervous breakdown, but she’s worth it. (I’m kidding about the nervous breakdown…kind of.)

My little balls of cake did not want to stay on their sticks. They said, “Wow, these candy melts are sweet and comfy, I think I’ll stay in this bowl!” I got some helpful feedback when I asked for help on Twitter, but it was too late to remove some of the frosting from the cake/frosting mix. Unfortunately I do not have magical powers. So I improvised and did my best with the situation at hand.

Here’s a tutorial of what to do when things do, or do not, go exactly as planned:

This is what you do when a cake call stays on the stick….forming a cake pop (this is our desired goal).

Hooray! Success = Happy dance!
(Sidenote: I didn’t really like the candy melts with the pastel sprinkles/confetti already in them. I didn’t like the bumpy texture you end up with. Might be better for a molded candy. In my own opinion.)

This is what you do when a cake ball begins to fall of the stick:

Juuuuuuust kidding. This is what I did: Turned them upside down. Cake pops with a flat bottom. They stay put once the candy melts harden.

This is what you do when a cake ball refuses to stay on the stick no matter what:

Cake balls! Still very delicious! And definitely not terrible looking.

This is what you do when you get fed up and tired of dipping, or when your child wakes up from his/her nap (whichever comes first):

Naked cake balls! Hubs loves to eat them this way anyways, so we all win in this scenario. Not especially the prettiest dessert for company though.

In addition to the cake balls falling off of the sticks, other new problems which have arisen:

They like to ooze. I know they were coated completely, but I guess I’m wrong. What gives?

A bunch cracked (balls and pops). Were they too cold when I dipped them?

Any suggestions?

So, my fingers are crossed because the next time I make these it will be for my beautiful daughter’s first birthday. I’m making some cupcakes too. She also obviously gets her own special cake. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or my RSS feed for updates about it all!

And you know what? I’m going to take a deep breath and not worry about it…because she won’t care. I have a beautiful healthy daughter that brings joy to my life every day.

Does anything else even matter?

And now I’m about to cry. Holy cow I’m going to be a hot mess on her birthday.

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  1. Hahaha, hilarious post Rachel, I love how you’ve embraced the cake pop challenge! I love the end picture of your daughter. She is soooo adorable!!

  2. Rachel, this is hysterical. I think it makes for a better post that there were issues (because seriously, those things are hard to make!!) Beautiful photos (and daughter)! :)

  3. I agree! Who cares about sticks! The less sticks, the faster I can pop them in my mouth! Love them! And your daughter, God bless her she’s adorable!

  4. OMG that baby is precious! :)
    Your cake pops look delicious–which is what really matters. I think you will win the stick battle in your next go ’round.
    Good luck!

  5. I don’t know what it is about me and pops but I just can’t do them the way I see you do them. I mean, I can make the cake, make the balls and make the chocolate but the outcome, the beautiful little pretty cake pop look doesn’t happen for me. Leaving this up to you from now on! Send some my way! :)

  6. Okay … I’m sorry you’re having issues w/the cake pops but this post totally cracked me up… cake ball poo etc. Awesome and horrible all at the same time. Good luck!!! at least you have cupcake back ups when the time comes.

  7. Oh yes… The horror of cake pops…nightmares, indeed. Might want to be concerned with the temperature of your cake balls before dipping them. I noticed in my past experiences that the colder they are, the more cracking they do after they start to expand in the room temperature heat. It is such a fine line between too warm and they fall off the stick or too cold, they crack. Then you mention the cake being too moist, so true that it can cause issues. When you let your cake cool, was it already in crumbles or did you cool the cake completely and then crumble? Maybe break up the cake while it is still warm and let it cool that way, it might dry it out a bit more and create fewer moisture problems. Who knew these guys are so delicate to make! argh I first started making cake balls – before I got the courage to make the cake pops –
    Good luck and here’s to hoping your baby’s 1st birthday party is a hit!
    – Heather @

  8. Your cake pops looked amazing! Mine were stick-less because I have the patience of a child. Yum.

  9. Awww…now you’re gonna make me cry! She is just a sweet pea! OK, practice not-I think they look great:) I was going to try them this weekend and was like “fun in theory, but too much work” :) I give you the ultimate credit for making these for a CROWD! They will be a hit-Grand Canyons or not;)

  10. she is so sweet! :) and I’d say you won this round…flat-bottomed cake pops or cake balls are still a win in my book!!

  11. Oh my gosh, this post rings waaaaay too true in my life. I freaking hate cake pops. No, I don’t hate the taste, or how cute they can be, I hate making them! And in the past month I’ve made over 100 of them. I like to use ‘almond bark’ instead of the candy chips. I also thin out the chocolate with vegetable oil. About 1/4 cup oil to 10 oz chocolate. Keeping the chocolate at a warm temp, not hot, but not cool helps maintain a ‘dippable’ consistency. I dip the tip of the stick in the chocolate and THEN stick it into the cake ball. I then freeze the cake on the sticks. This helps the chocolate harden extra quick after I dip them. Maybe you already do all of this, but these are a few things I’ve learned that have helped me have better cake pop success. BUT, when all else fails, your cake ‘truffles’ look FANTASTIC, I’d eat them, all of them!

    • Haha, thanks for the advice! I’m doing the candy melts b/c I have about 100 bags of them, and I’ve been thinning them out, and I’ve been dipping the sticks, but I haven’t been freezing after dipping the sticks and sticking them in the balls. I’m going to try that with the next go-around. Wish me luck! And you’re crazy for making over 100 of them!

  12. Oh man, the “cake pop poop” photo made me laugh out loud, in my office, at my desk. I don’t think my work is supposed to be this amusing…hopefully no one is suspicious. :)

    Just so you know, I now kind of aspire to be as awesome a mom as you are, down the road. Your daughter’s super lucky to have somebody like you making all kinds of crazy dipped cake confections for her.

  13. i think they look great!

  14. Cute post, my first time stopping buy! I’ve always wanted to make cake pops for my boys but just don’t feel like sitting and waiting to dip each cake ball into melted chocolate. I’d probably eat them and never get anywhere!
    Your daughter is adorable and my son turns 5 tomorrow, he said he wanted a brown bear birthday cake but now just wants me to buy a chocolate bumpy cake from the store! I’m going to bake him one anyways, if I had time I’d make brown bear cake pops! :)

  15. What a creative recipe with such a beautiful outcome, simply amazing.

  16. I’m still laughing about “cake pop poop” HAHA – so funny!

  17. Your cake balls look great! I just always lay them flat with the stick out the top. I’m impatient like that :)

  18. Hilarious post! Good luck on the cake pops. And just enjoy the birthday party! Your daughter will love to eat the cake no matter what it looks like! Such a cliche but the time really does go too fast.

  19. Ha ha, I love this post. I love a blogger who is fearless enough to use the word “poop” in a food post! :) I am not a baker, so I have absolutely no advice for you, but I know that despite their “issues” your pops are really super darn cute!

    My little one just turned one in June, so I understand how you are feeling about the birthday. Even scarier is that I am dropping my oldest off on her first day of preschool on Tuesday, and just the thought of it makes me cry! So glad my husband is able to be there with me so he can drive while I’m sobbing my eyes out!

    • The birthday party you threw was so cute! Loved your theme. Hope Tuesday goes well. Good luck! I can’t even imagine, I’m sure I’ll be a mess when that day comes too.

  20. Oh that is just too funny! Laughed the whole time while I was reading. You’ll get it and your daughter will have a fabulous birthday! {Almost} as fabulous as her mom ;)

  21. I love your honest portrayal of cake pops. Whenever I’ve made them they look like a hot mess but taste delicious.

    Your daughter is SO cute in her little leggings. I don’t know how you stand it!

  22. Yummy! Cake pops or cake balls I bet they are delicious! Good luck making these again for your daughter’s first birthday. I bet everyone will love them whether they are pops, balls, or naked! :)

  23. Wow- I am so impressed that you even attempted to pull these off! Gives me some courage ;) Love your blog!

  24. I love this post :) I always make cake balls. And sit them in pretty mini cupcake liners. Every time I tried to put them on the stick, the balls dropped right down the stick. Frustrating! But delicious.

  25. I love this post and I am a big fan of your page… I just recently found it but I do like that you show what could go wrong with recipes that may be unforeseen… I do believe that the more you make something the better and smoother everything goes… So good luck and I look forward to reading more posts

  26. Oh no! What drama! At least you can laugh about it!

  27. I have always had difficulties with cake pops also! I usually just end up making them cake balls but they still aren’t very pretty. I like it best when someone else makes them and I just get to eat them :)

  28. Ha Ha so funny! I love the name of your blog :) … Whenever my cake pops fall off the stick, and frustration sets in , i get the mini cup cake holders and put the balls in there . They end up looking so cute !

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  31. I as well hate cake pops. At least you got to taste yours. Mine ended up in the compost bin!!! So mad that I had to spend all that money on supplies only to have to throw it out. All I got out of it was a headache!

  32. I don’t think I’ll be attempting them for a while…..I’m so angry at them that I don’t even want to think about trying them again. I wish all the luck to anyone who wants to try them out but as for me the answer is a resounding NO!!!

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