When I jumped into food blogging in February, I knew I was gaining a fun hobby. I knew my cooking and baking skills would be stretched as I tried new recipes. What I didn’t know was what kind of community I was joining. Food bloggers are some seriously amazing people. Kind, caring, funny, and generous.

Earlier this month, a fellow food blogger had possibly the worst thing imaginable happen to her as her husband was snatched from her life way, way too early after suffering a heart attack. When I saw this news on Twitter, my heart broke for Jennie, a woman whom I have never met.

After reading this post, countless food bloggers banded together and made a peanut butter pie for Mikey. It was a touching and heartfelt memorial and it was amazing to watch people come out of the woodwork to support Jennie in this way. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make a peanut butter pie on that Friday (although I still would like to), but today another way to help Jennie surfaced.

Bloggers Without Borders is a new organization founded by more amazing food bloggers. Read about them here. They started #afundforjennie, a way to help Jennie in her time of need. But you won’t just be helping Jennie, you’ll also be helping her two beautiful daughters, Isabella and Virginia. Read more from Shauna of Gluten-Free Girl:

“As you can imagine, Jennie is overwhelmed not only by her grief, and the sudden responsibility of raising two children by herself, but she is also struggling with this financially. She just learned that she cannot collect widow’s benefits from Social Security because she earns too much money each year. The health insurance for her and her kids runs out in December and she just learned that the total she will have to pay will be more than her mortgage. It’s possible she’ll have to pay off the entire mortgage in one lump sum because the apartment was in his name alone.

And more than anything, Mikey wanted Jennie to continue living her dream of being a food writer. And he wanted to make sure his kids were taken care of well. That’s why he worked as hard as he did.”

If you were affected by this as much as I was, please consider helping Jennie in whatever way you can, $1, $5, $500, $5000, I’m sure she will be eternally grateful for every cent. Just click this button and you’ll be re-directed to a PayPal site where you can give directly to this cause.

Donate to Bloggers Without Borders