I love spring and summer. Fresh berries, fresh herbs and sunshine. I do not love that my new herb garden is almost dead less than one week after I purchased it. I’m so sad! There is one basil plant in the middle that is still alive, thank goodness. Basil is my favorite!

I bought a 4 pound box of strawberries from Costco the other day so I’ve been eating a lot of strawberries. Mostly we just have them with whip cream, freshly whipped. No, not really, actually Cool Whip. Don’t judge me, we like it! Of course fresh homemade whipped cream would be better.
I’ve been seeing a lot of recipes combining basil and strawberries, so I thought I would give it a try in its simplest form.
I chopped up some basil, threw it in an (empty) baby food jar, poured in some sugar, gave it a shake and let it sit and hang out for a little while.
And then I dipped. And it was good. And I was hooked.
Strawberries with Basil Sugar (1-2 servings)
a Rachel’s Recipe original
2-3 basil leaves, washed and thoroughly dried
2-3 Tbsp of granulated sugar
small bowl or jar for mixing
strawberries for dipping
Finely chop basil and put into bowl or jar. Pour in sugar and mix. Let stand for one hour or so (it doesn’t really matter). Dip strawberries in sugar or sprinkle sugar over berries.
The first time I did this I cut the basil in long strips and picked it out, so the sugar had an extremely muted basil taste. The second time, I chopped it up more finely and ate it right along with the sugar. I preferred it using the second method. (The picture is a little of both–I picked out some and left some in).
Verdict: Love this! Strawberries with basil is my new favorite combination.
Husband’s take: He didn’t want to try it. He’s a Cool Whip kind of guy.
Changes I would make: None, other than chopping the basil finer as I already mentioned.
Difficulty: Easier than easy.
What is your favorite way to eat strawberries?