Things That Make Me Happy

Cute baby.
Sunny day. (This was definitely not taken today.)
My new herb garden.
That is already dying. Help!
I love this book.
Such a great reference.
The dust on my table? Does not make me happy.
Again, organization.
The “craft” binder? Kind of a joke. But I’m trying.
(Font from here inspired by her handwriting.)
Fresh raspberries.
Remind me of grandma’s garden.
What made you happy today?
I’m going to try and get a recipe up tomorrow for BBQ chicken pizza.
Which also makes me happy.
Very happy.
When you make a recipe from my site tag it with #RachelCooks!
I love to see what you're creating!


  1. Stumbling upon this blog today made me happy :) love it, keep up the great work, and I can’t wait to read through your older posts!

  2. I absolutely love that picture of your baby. :)

    I love organization too and fresh berries! Today my husband found out his board score and he did amazing, so that made me very happy. :)

  3. I am such an organization freak! And I LOVE fresh berries. There is nothing better!

  4. CUTEST POST EVER!!!! And I ADORE organization, as well;) hahahahhahahaha…1 thing that would make me happy now are AIRLINE tickets for a vacation:) hahahahahahahah…

    ps-stop by my blog when you get a chance to pick up YOUR award:)

  5. Nutmeg Nanny–I use dividers with pockets, so on the front of the divider, I have recipes that I want to try. I use those for menu planning. Then if I try them and like them, they go on the other side of the divider. Eventually they'll get put in a page protector and filed into that section. This is my new system, because my stack was getting ridiculous too.

  6. Such an adorable little girl! Her smile just lights up the whole picture :)

    I also love the binders that you made. I have one binder full of recipes but I really need to make another. I rip so many recipe from magazines it's insane. I should try and make something once a week from all the recipes I want to try. You would die if you saw the stack…..haha.

  7. i love posts that pick out the positive like this :). i have put in a request off at work for an upcoming trip. if it's approved today, it will make me VERY happy!

  8. I get giddy seeing your organization… until I realize how badly I need to do the same thing… sigh… ;)

    Today I'm happy that the sun is coming out and I had a healthy baby at yesterday's appt!

  9. I love it. That pic of your baby is so precious! I also really like #3. My husband says that the way I have my recipes organized makes me a geek. I have two sets of three binders for my recipes. One set is "tried and true", one binder for main dishes (meats), one for sides (pasta, potatoes, rice, etc), and one for other (sauces, breakfast, dessert, etc). The other set is broken up the same way but consists of all the recipes I tear out of magazines or see in cookbooks that I want to try. I flip through those binders when doing my monthly meal planning. Recipe collecting has become quite a hobby of mine. And office supplies have always been a hobby of mine, so combining the two is awesome! If it makes me a geek, so be it!

    Oh and the beautiful oriole sitting right outside my office window is what is making me happy right now.

  10. Wow – I need to be more organized…I have recipes stuffed in a box in no particular order, ha! Such a cutie pie baby!!! The only herb that I've been successful at growing is rosemary – so I'm no help…let me know if you figure out the secret :)

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