Happy Mother’s Day to Me!

I threw up for 279 days straight (give or take a few).

I abstained from caffeine, soft cheeses, soft cooked eggs, cookie dough, beer and wine.

I was in labor for over 12 hours.

I couldn’t sit or walk without pain for a week (perhaps too much information, sorry).

But it all paid off, because I get a new holiday and I’m getting this:

Just kidding, folks. It was all more than 100% worth it when I got to hold this beautiful girl in my arms:

But it is paying off again! I am so excited! Hopefully you’ll be seeing some major improvements in my photos soon! In the meantime, you’ll find me at my door waiting for my camera to arrive.

On an unrelated note, I’d be remiss on this day if I did not mention our troops. I want to thank each and every one of our servicemen and women for all their sacrifices and hard work. The world is truly a better place because of these individuals. Especially my husband, who is a combat veteran who spent two tours in Iraq. I could not be more proud of him and all of his accomplishments.

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  2. Rachel:

    1st – love the blog.
    2nd – your daughter is super cute.
    3rd – I can relate – 14 weeks of all day sickness (why do they call it 'morning' sickness?.. idiots… lasts all day) and being confined to a half reclining position for weeks after delivery… but SO SO SO worth it when that tiny little human shows (his) face. :)
    P.S. when is that cookie recipe coming? They look DELISH!

  3. Marisa–love it! And you have TWO kids–he better get on it! ;)

    Kelly–Can't wait to see your new pictures! And a new blog design (if I remember correctly from one of your tweets)? How exciting.

    Lauren–Congrats! What did you get?

  4. So exciting about the camera! I am finally making the big purchase now:-)

  5. Awww what a beautiful baby!!! Congrats on the camera as well! I'm getting mine next week for my birthday and I can't wait to learn how to take better photos! :) Looking forward to seeing your progress :)

  6. Ohhhhhhhh….I need to have my hubby check your blog so he knows that cameras come after babies :). Thanks for your comments on my blog. I am loving your blog!!!! I'm going to go check it out some more. You have so many amazing looking recipes. I can't wait to try some!

  7. Have you written your labor story? I think I'd like to hear it… maybe … if it won't scare me :)


    I can't wait to hear what you think of your new camera!!

  8. Sweet and Crumby–She is already 7.5 months and I can't believe it! I'm sure she'll be sixteen before I know it! Yikes!
    Autumn–Thanks :) Hopefully we'll see a major improvement in my pictures…
    Brooklyn–Glad you've been enjoying my blog. Thanks so much for commenting, I LOVE comments!

    PS: Camera shipped today! Wahoo!

  9. Beautiful baby (and camera, haha)! I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog today because I've been reading and loving your posts! The tomato, cucumber, and feta lunch obsession looks so refreshing!!!

  10. Ahhh! So jealous! I can't wait to hear about the camera and see the pics when you get it! nAd your little was so precious when she was born!

  11. What a gorgeous, gorgeous baby. I remember those days. Mine are 16 and 13. Time goes by way to fast. Congratulations on both new arrivals (hopefully the camera will be here very soon).

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