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Meyer Lemon Poppy Seed Bars

March 24, 2014
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These Meyer Lemon Poppy Seed Bars are sweet, chewy, tangy, and hard to put down! These cookie bars will quickly become a new favorite.  My love for Meyer lemons continues and this time it is paired with my love for cookie bars. I’ve done the plain-jane (but amazing) vanilla bean cookie bars as well as […]

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Blackberry and Blueberry Crumb Bars

March 19, 2014
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These blackberry and blueberry crumb bars are easy to make and so full of flavor thanks to a layer of blackberries and blueberries. IS IT SPRING YET?!?!!? For real. I am getting so stinking stir crazy. And a little bored. I’m meeting new friends though. Today at the library, I saw a mom that I […]

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Above the Rim Peanut Butter Cup Blondies Recipe

March 10, 2014

This post brought to you by REESE’S® Brand. All opinions are 100% mine. This blondie recipe is perfect for peanut butter lovers. It’s jammed packed with rich, peanut butter goodness. Do you all like peanut butter? I happen to love peanut butter — what’s not to love? And now that we know E is allergic […]

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Black Bean Brownies

February 9, 2014
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These black bean brownies are a treat that you enjoy with a little less guilt! No one will even notice that they include black beans.  Sounds weird, right? If you haven’t tried beans in your baked goods yet, you’re missing out. Never thought I’d utter those words, but it’s true.

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21 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Treats

February 8, 2014
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Waited until the last minute? No big deal — here are 21 great ideas to make this Valentine’s Day super sweet. Okay, again, it’s not technically the very last minute yet but it will be here before you know it. I guess I’m just getting ahead of myself. Which is rare. Usually I’m just doing […]

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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Cookies

February 7, 2014
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These Valentine’s Day cookies come together so quickly — they’re made using a refrigerated pie crust! Sometimes you just want a little sweet treat. Or perhaps your son or daughter comes home from school and tells you they need to bring a treat. Tomorrow. These Valentine’s Day cookies will come to the rescue! These cookies […]

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Easy Red Velvet Cookies

February 2, 2014
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These red velvet cookies couldn’t be simpler to make. Great for a last-minute Valentine’s Day treat! These days — you see “red velvet” everything. I featured a few of those gems yesterday in my round-up of decadent chocolate Valentine’s Day desserts. Red Velvet pancakes, red velvet dip, red velvet bars, cheesecake, cookies and more.

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Easy Snowmen Sandwich Cookies

December 20, 2013

These fun and cute snowmen cookies are a cinch to make and will be a hit at any winter party. Heyyyyy everyone. I’m busy planning N’s first birthday party. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I’m having a seriously hard time believing that a whole year has passed since little man came into my life. I mean, […]

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Peppermint Lofthouse Sugar Cookies {and how to solve a dinner dilemma}

December 18, 2013
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These soft sugar cookies are just like the Lofthouse cookies you find in your grocery store except with a fun peppermint twist for the holiday season. Lofthouse sugar cookies — do you know the ones I am talking about? The soft white cookies in the bakery department? With the colorful frosting and sprinkles. They always […]

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55 Recipes for Christmas Cookies

December 7, 2013
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55 fabulous Christmas cookie recipes. Something for everyone whether you like shortbread, gingerbread, or no-bake. Fill your cookie plates, and your bellies. Christmas cookies!!! One of the best parts about Christmas is locking yourself in the kitchen for hours on end, turning on some great Christmas music, and baking, baking, and baking. Bonus points if […]

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